Remember this oldie but goodie--"Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in"?    Pondering today's post and my condition, I immediately went to this song and now it is permanently rolling through my head.  Loose association makes for fertile writing fields.

I am still receiving the emails and phone calls reporting the results from all the tests recently endured while getting up to date on my physical condition.  Why I seem to be the picture of good health.  My condition from the outside looking in seems great.  The ensuing phone calls and emails are a proverbial slap in the face.  Images in the mirror are not what they seem.

Top that off with today's headline news announcing saturated fats may not be bad for your well being after all.  It turns our there is no proof that existing on a low fat diet lengthens your days upon this earth.  It certainly limits your culinary pleasure, but has not been shown to prolong life.  Two weeks ago Dr. Eat Healthy was telling me all the virtues of reading nutritional labels and forbidding everything that tastes good.  She has not called yet to beg my forgiveness and give me free dietary rein.  I am certain I am on a long list of the cholesterol deprived needing to be notified.  

What you see on the outside is not necessarily indicative of the condition of the inside when it comes to good health.  Unless you are Superman and have X-ray vision, there is no way for you to know the condition of my heart by my appearance.    My physical condition might be reflected though in my abilities.  The fact I cannot lift as much weight , run a mile as fast, run as many miles, and tire more easily are good indicators of my physical well being.  The truth is I do not work out as I once did, my food pyramid has turned upside down, and you can't fool Mother Nature--our bodies begin to wear out.  The condition of my heart is directly reflected in my activities.

Our spiritual condition is directly reflected in our actions as well.  How we spend our time and resources are a good indicator of our spiritual well being.  The condition of our spiritual heart is closely aligned to our obedience and quest for God.  Seeking the pleasures of this world and the vanities of the eye make make us pleasing to the eye, but also serve to harden our hearts.

Give me a soft heart, Lord, reflecting the depth of your love for me.  Allow me to be the hands and feet of Jesus as I seek Your will.  Help me to be the image of a heart filled with love for You for those who look my way.

If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit.
Galatians 5:25


  1. Lulu, I don't know what happened just then. I wrote a comment here and just as I pressed "Publish" there was a spark on my computer and all went dead. I'm not sure if you received my comment or not; but it was good. Can't wait to read it myself.

    Let's see if I can remember what I said:

    I am fed up with conflicting advice on what we should and should not eat. I'm fed up with stupid food labels too. Gave up reading them since my recent accident. The label on the Quick Cook Rice said "Take one sachet from packet and stand in boiling water for 10 minutes". I did just that and burnt my feet.

    Hope you're keeping well health-wise, Lulu. I couldn't work out what that last photo is. It reminded me of something men wear to protect themselves when playing cricket. (An English game involving a hard ball thrown at you at great speed).

    God bless.

  2. Well said Lulu. Appearances are deceiving. On the outside we are the "corruptible man". On the inside, if we have faith in Jesus Christ, we are the "incorruptible man". My opinion is that that should be our only concern. We're gonna die no matter what our diet or 'lifestyle'.
    Hope your day is blessed and your not having to wear Water Wings today. ~:)

    1. Exactly, Sparky. Beautiful day today but rain starting tomorrow for the week-

  3. Well...I have my own little beans about what to eat or not...and let me just say, after years of anorexia, I am pleasantly plump, and no doctor or whatever is going to tell me what to or not eat again. We all have to die sometime...just my opinion. I excerise daily, walk everyday and sometimes watch what I eat...but, I'm no rabbit and refuse to eat like one, lol.

    Great post, Lulu...thanks for the smiles.


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