My attention has been divided between The Olympics and The Great Louisiana Flood in recent days.  Glued to news report and the coverage of the games, I was intrigued while watching the sprinters finals. 

The gun shot sounds and they are off and in less than 10 seconds--it is all over.  A thrilling spectacle to see how fast someone can run 100 meters.

Contrast that with the final event of the Olympics--the marathon.  The gun goes off and two hours plus later someone crosses the finish line the winner after 26.2 grueling miles.

Photo Credit-DailyMall

The water has begun receding upstream in Louisiana while those south of the original flooding wait for the worst to still come.  The sprinters---Bless Them--are pouring into the area with aid.  The urgency of the moment has brought the cavalry rushing to the rescue.  There is certainly plenty to be done and much help needed.

As we saw following Katrina flooding New Orleans, over ten years later and it is still not completely cleaned up.  More than a decade and there is work  to be done.  A good reminder of the marathon of recovery we are facing.  I am thankful for the sprinters, but mindful of the need for the marathoners.  Having run several marathons I remember how I divided the race into stages and the real race began around mile 20---those final 6.2 miles had to be run.  The fact is unless I completed every step of the 26.2 miles---the race would not be completed.  Praying for our endurance as we being the marathon job of clean up in the years to come.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.
II Timothy 4:7


  1. We were discussing the floods yesterday, Lulu...can I play devils advocate? Katrina was the worse we have seen in our lifetime, and folks rebuild/rebuilt along and in the swamp/tide lines...I just don't get it...they know its going to flood. I know, I know, folks have to have a place to live...but common sense has to prevail at some point and time. That's why flood insurance is no longer offered or why its too expensive. Just saying...I know, I know, folks have been living there for easy answer.

    As for the Olympics, I have not watched---however, we are glued to the news about the 3 Americans who are being detained. Like I told my son, once one steps off American soil, you have no rights. Scary what these 3 Americans are going thru...and I am by no means condoning what might have or not happened. To simply detain someone, and the 2 they are detaining did not give police reports and they were taken off their flights home. shaking my head.

    Oh, where was I? always must keep the Faith even when it seems one is forgotten. God hears, God knows...sometimes he just wants us to be quiet enough to hear Him.

    1. I will just say, Amen!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. It is so sad to see one's home and one's belongings destroyed by floods, earthquakes, fires etc ... We should be grateful for those who can help practically; but also for those who help through their prayers.

    Praying for all concerned in Louisiana.

    Lulu, I did not know you ran several marathons. You really are a very remarkable lady with all your sports and adventures. Really brave. Why is it 26.2 miles? Why not a round number like 25 or 30? What if one's shoes/sneakers give up and fall to pieces at 26.1 miles? What a disaster that would be. That's why I prefer the 100 meters instead.

    God bless.


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