There is a great web site called "".  I have found discontinued patterns of silver inherited from my mother and grandmother on this site.  The sentimental value of these sets is far greater than the monetary, and the fact I can replace pieces lost thrilled my heart.  It is easy to replace possessions--not so easy to replace our relationships---or is it?

One of the most difficult lessons I have learned in life is we can be replaced.  I poured many an hour into my professional life for a number of years---once I sold my business--I was replaced.  "I will no longer be handling your business"--response "OH NO, I will really miss you-what will I do without you!"  and in the next heartbeat they have moved on to their new CPA.

I moved to Fort Worth and found a new dentist to replace the one I loved in Ruston--a new doctor to replace the one I loved in Ruston--a new stylist to replace the one I loved in Ruston--and the list goes on.

It turns out, I could even be replaced in marriage.  WHO KNEW!  There seems to be no place in life we cannot be replaced.  This is a blow to our  fragile ego at a minimum and certainly a stark awakening to our vulnerability.  How many broken family relationships have I witnessed--husband/wife--parent/child--brother/sister and the list goes on.  The very one you think you can count on will leave you behind and move on to other relationships.

The one place I am not replaceable in is the eyes of God.  HE holds me faithfully in His hand, He knows my uniqueness and loves me for it, He recognizes my worth and steadfastly pursues me.  I have not been replaced in His eyes---nor will I ever be.  What an assurance of His love and my irreplaceability!

You alone created my inner being. You knitted me together inside my mother. I will give thanks to you because I have been so amazingly and miraculously made. Your works are miraculous, and my soul is fully aware of this.
Psalm 139:13-14

After much prayer, it is time to put my actions where my voice has been--I am on the road today  to the flood zone in South Louisiana to volunteer to help those who have lost so much.  I ask for your prayers for strength and stamina in the days to come.  


  1. Oh Lulu ... this is definetly one of your best posts; if not THE best. What wonderful sentiments; and how true that we are all replaced in one way or another. You speak from the heart and to many who have experiences very much like yours.

    How wonderful, and brave, that you are going to Louisiana to help. I really admire you and wish you the best. May God protect you and reward you greatly for your kindness. I am praying for you, as always.

    Looking forwards to your return home and to Blogland.

    God bless you always, my friend.

    1. The assurance you pray for me is a great comfort, My Friend, there is not one thing more dear! Thank you for your kind words and I shall return!
      Blessings, Victor!

  2. I'm so grateful that even though everything around us can change at the blink of an eye, our God is unchanging, steady, unmovable, holy, wise. Everything that everyone around us is not.

    What peace comes when we lean on Him instead of all those people that might be out of the picture tomorrow.

    Super post, Lulu ...

  3. Thank you Linds. He is in changeable - and His attributes are perfect - what. Comforter!
    Blessings, My Fridnd!

  4. A beautiful post and one in which we have all been through in some way or another. So thankful that we can never be replaced nor abandoned in our Father's eyes when we are His. Praying for you as you become the hands and feet of Jesus. Keep your eyes open for His blessings. love you

    1. Ah, My Seeet Friend, always watching for Him!
      Blessings !


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