Water filled with sewerage, animal feces, and all forms of bacteria comes with a risk in itself when the flood waters poured in.  Thankfully in most places the water receded in a short time, but the risk does not go away with the receding water. In a hot sub-tropical climate, the next line of attack is the mold.  All forms of mold and mold growing on top of mold.  The smell as you entered the houses would turn a strong man around gasping for fresh air.

Every house we worked in was full of mold--every surface the water touched was a perfect field for the rampant growth.  And the mold does not stop where the water line ended--it will march up the wall--into the ceiling and cover every surface in the house.  

Every house we worked in required at a minimum gloves and mask and some require a haz mat suit.  Consider it is 90+% humidity and 90 degrees and you are required to put all this on for safety purposes.  Thankfully I was never required to wear the suit.  The mask, safety glasses, and gloves were hot enough.  I continually battled with fogged up safety glasses while breathing through the mask.  It was not pleasant to say the least.

The reason for all the safety measures is obvious when you think about the environment inside your body---perfect damp conditions to allow mold growth.  Since the mold spores were flying as we demolished the interiors of these mold filled houses, we were extremely cautious about any mold being allowed to invade our bodies.  We washed the outside off and all our clothes immediately after finishing for the day.  My shoes I threw away at the end of the week, not wanting to bring any of the spores home.

Once the house was razed back to the studs--another team comes in to spray the mold with a product named "Shock".  An additional treatment is required 10 days to 2 weeks later to make certain no new mold spores are allowed to begin growing. Once mold is allowed to begin--it is a tough battle to get rid of it.

While taking all these precautions, I was reminded of the problem with giving sin a toe hold in our lives.  Once it begins growing---it can be difficult to stem the tide and slipping down the slippery slope to ruin is sadly often an easy journey.  At times God must come into our lives and strip everything away and raze all we hold dear.  Then comes His form of "Shock"---a powerful treatment called Grace which cleanses us from all the impurities and covers the stain of our sin infected lives.  All the bad is gone--and we are once again white as snow--a new beginning at no cost to us.  What a blessing!

Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity And cleanse me from my sin.
Psalm 51:2


  1. As I said before, I am full of admiration for you. You put me to shame as I know I could not do what you have done. Thank you.

    God bless you, Lulu.

    1. It is a LONG way across the pond and half way across the US to LA, Victor. I am certain you have missions you help in your own backyard.
      Blessings, Friend!

  2. ick....been there and done that....I agree with Victor...full of admiration...have a beautiful day friend.

    1. Gross upon gross, Linda! God is teaching me!
      Blessings, My Sweet Friend!


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