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Monday, October 10, 2016


There is a reason I watch so little television---as I turned it on and was reminded  when Bill O'Reilly proudly proclaimed, "I have accomplished everything I wanted to."  The discussion centered around his rumored retirement.  I agree with Mike Wallace---NOT GONNA HAPPEN---he LOVES the spotlight too much!  I sat there in amazement at the brashness to tell the entire world---I HAVE DONE IT ALL!  Talking about an ego--but the thing is--those giant egos have to be fed--and they want more of what they have become accustomed to.  The spotlight is never bright enough.

LONG AGO--in my past--I remember a client who would come in every year and talk about the goals they had set for themselves and how they had done.  As you can well imagine, it was all for the sake of me seeing not only how they had done financially--since those records spoke for themselves--but also--how well they had performed in all areas of their life.  I used to laugh and say my goal was to get everybody up, dressed, fed and off to their respective places.  Long term goals involved getting the bills paid for the month and groceries in the pantry weekly.  Couple that with keeping the laundry current and house in a semblance of order AND working all day everyday and I had my hands full.  My goal was to keep my head above water every day and not loose my cool.

Deep down--I did have some unstated, but internally understood goals-raising my children to be responsible adults--being a person of integrity--loving my family and friends well--deepening my relationship with God--having someone who cared deeply for me and I for them until death parted us--walking the path set before me with dignity and purpose.  I cannot sit here and say---check-check-check--did all that!  What I can say is I have really tried--tried with all my might--never gave up--and when I failed---I backed up and tried again.  And what I did not accomplish--what I could not change--I have tried to endure without bitterness.

At the end of the day---when your final hours are here---what do you hope they say about you as they watch you fade away?  When someone sits with the person who will say those final words as your life is summarized, what will they say about you?  What is really important?  Is accomplishing all your goals, making it to the top of the ladder, leaving a huge estate, leaving behind a list with everything checked off-is that your legacy?  Will you have done it all---but what is left is empty and meaningless?  How will you be remembered?

Matthew 6:20-21


  1. Being on this side of the pond, I do not know the individuals you name, or who they are. But never mind.

    I know what you mean by being overly ambitious and wanting it all in life. I remember a boss at work telling me once that the year 199X would be a good year for him. I asked him why. He showed me a chart showing all senior management. He said "He'll retire by then. He is too ill and will leave on health grounds. He is due to move to another firm; I know he's looking for another job ... " and so on and so forth, "this leaves at least 4 jobs I could be promoted to." He was planning ahead several years forwards.

    Another boss, in an appraisal interview, told me I had no ambition at all. I told him I had ambitions, but not those he had in mind. Needless to say, over the years I got promoted much higher than him.

    So there we have it. As you say, Lulu, many people tend to focus on the wrong things in life.

    You ask what will they say when I'm gone. When I'm lying there in my coffin, and they are all around me looking at me, I want them to say "I saw him move!"

    God bless you. Keep smiling.

    1. Laughed out loud on that one, Victor! "I saw him move."
      Bill O'Reilly is a controversial political talk show host who gives new meaning to rude and arrogant .
      Thank you for the laugh!
      Blessings !

  2. Thanks for this thoughtful invitation to consider our legacies, to sharpen our focus just a bit, to strive for goals that matter in Kingdom terms rather than worldly measures {numbers}.

    Good stuff, Lulu ...

    1. I am reminding myself also, Linda!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  3. AMEN!! We all need frequent reminders! Your blog is like my second devotional for the day; very much appreciate you sharing. God has truly given you a gift to do so.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. All good and perfect gifts come from above. When I write, I am speaking to myself--it is amazing how those words are often universal!

  4. I do not like to listen to Bill O'Reilly for the very reason you wrote about. He will me remember as a narcissist. I know how I want to be remembered, as a wise woman of God and that drives me to keep my walk with Him right. That goal drives me to lean on Him for wisdom and the fruits of the Spirit. Good post, glad I stopped by.

    1. You are exactly right about Mr. O'Reilly, Betty! And YES--to seeking God!
      Thanks for stopping by and please come again!

  5. Hi Lulu! My head was bobbing up and down in agreement with your goals as a mother. The needs of our children are so immediate, and take so much time and energy! And after all, aren't they what God has given us? Any time we spend nurturing the gifts he has given, is time well spent in the kingdom.
    I hope I never say "I've done it all". It reminds me of the bible stories of people who think they are so rich, or so talented...kind of like the Pharisee in the front of the temple telling God he's got it all under control. Ha! That's not what God loves. God loves the humble heart. Mr. O'Reilly should realize that when much is given, much is expected. Think of all he could do if he took his talent and helped others? Or donated his money? Maybe he does that already, I don't want to judge. I would just tell him to sit down and look at what he could do with his fame. So much good and help would happen if he wanted to lend his name and wealth.
    I hope I'm remembered as someone who tried, and someone who keeps trying. What more can God ask of me?


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