I cannot count the times I have had a conversation involving strife, dysfunction, and even alienation in families.  As I visited with my brothers this past weekend, I said a prayer of thanksgiving that we have maintained a close relationship all these years.  I am thankful we have never allowed the stress and troubles of this world to come between us.  My brothers are both great men of integrity and I count their love and support as one of life's most wonderful blessings.  

With that said, I must also tell you we do not always agree on things.  We are at different ends of the political spectrum.  We laugh and joke about it, but we do not allow those differences in philosophy to cloud our relationship.  I do not think they are raving maniacs because we don't agree politically.  We see things through different eyes and with different perspectives.  

As we sat and talked of serious life altering events, I listened to their advice and opinions.  We all agreed our childhood and the events of life have left profound marks on our personalities.  Our shared childhood traumas have drawn us closer-not driven us apart.  I laughingly told my older brother the poor choices of my life had nothing to do with him--even though he worries as I suffer the consequences.  It is almost impossible to shake the responsibility for us that was thrust upon him when daddy died. 

Through it all--we have stuck together---we are family--and thankfully our family has never had anything occur which split us apart.  With each year, I realize how important family is---bottom line---we have family--we have God--and not anything else of lasting consequence.

It breaks my heart to hear of a brother who went to sleep and did not wake up the next morning and his birth family is splintered at best.  When you need each other most--there is tension and strife over the past clouding supporting each other.

When I hear of a child who has turned their back on family, and chosen to walk away without the benefit of even discussing the problem, my heart is broken for the parents.  Search The Word---it is ALWAYS redeemable.  Redemption will lead  to reconciliation.  Reconciliation can only come with talking it out and someone or everyone admitting their part in the problem and asking for forgiveness.

Pride---stands in our way---and pride always leads to the fall.  I know there are circumstances in families which will never be fixed---I am deeply grieved and profoundly sorry.  I pray---if there is anyway to try and talk it out---come to a mutual understanding of what is most important--you will seek reconciliation.  Cling to the eternal--remember what is of greatest importance and always seek His will.

Family and God---all we have of eternal consequence.

13 Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.
Colossians 3:13


  1. Feeling blessed after reading your post. So thankful for our family and the love we have for each other. Life takes us in all directions, but keeping strong in family and God is the one direction that ties us all together. Have a wonderful day, LuLu

  2. "Our shared childhood traumas have drawn us closer." This is so true in our family. Happily, my siblings and I often meet for special occasions like Christmas, or for no occasion at all like barbeques and get-togethers.

    One thing I don't understand, however. Why did you break that toilet sign in the second picture? It seems a waste just to make a point; and people may well wander in the wrong sex toilets as a result.

    God bless.

    1. Oh, Victor, anything to prove my point!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  3. Unfort...this goes both parents told me don't let the door hit ya on the way out when I was 18-19. (they actually gave me a ultimatum about my now husband, college, etc etc.)...they meant what was said, 31 years later, it remains...they refuse to discuss anything. Which is why I am a different kind of parent. Yes, friend...pride. I have since long forgiven both our circumstances for what lead up to it, unfort. forgiveness is not reciprocated thing. (and why should be it? I mean, God knows our hearts, right?)

    Thank you Lulu, always thought provoking posts. Have a beautiful day friend.

  4. I understand what you are saying and wrote of families who are forever separated. I am thankful for you extending grace. You can only control your own reactions, and you have been obedient.
    Blessings, My Friend!


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