Hero the Wonder Dog---is a bona fide "Lap Dog"!

A picture is better than a thousand words and HERE HE IS--sitting in my lap!(Please ignore the walking shoes someone left in the middle of the room.)  It is not enough for Hero to be by my side in the chair--OH NO--he has to climb up in my lap.  Recently while babysitting Lucy, he climbed up in her lap because she was sitting in my lap.  He cannot get close enough!

If I walk out of the room, he must be put on the floor, for he is going to follow me and is not supposed to jump off things.  He makes every step I make--even when I am moving back and forth between two points.  AND IF I start making moves like I am leaving, he tucks that tail and sits by the door thinking he will get to go along for the ride.

This is not Hero, but a good example of what I am telling you.  To make Hero's picture, I would have had to wake him up as he is sleeping in my lap.  

We have a ritual of what happens when we are going for a walk.  He immediately begins to dance around when I begin the steps in the ritual.  He sits at my feet with adoring eyes glued on me as I put on my dog walking shoes.  

If I take a shower or bath, he sits on the bath mat watching and waiting for me to step from the tub.  If I am doing the laundry, he sits in the floor supervising the sorting and smelling the dirty socks.  If I am cooking supper, he is on the rug in the kitchen sniffing the smells of the night's entree.  He loves to go along for a ride in the car and patiently sits in the front seat on a blanket waiting while I run errands.  

In a nutshell, Hero cannot get enough of me!  He loves me---wants to be by my side and as close as possible 24/7.  He adores being in my presence and all the world knows it---for Hero only has eyes for me-no matter who else is around (with the exception of the grands other grandmother--he loves her too-the little two-timer!).

WHY do I put up with having this dog, taking him for walks no matter what the weather, preparing his meals with his supplements chopped into his food, taking him to the spa for doggie baths, and do not forget those vet visits---I am helping the vet to educate his college age children.  WHY am I willing to pick up his poop (City Ordinance # POOP) and drag it back to the house?  WHY??

Because Hero loves me in spite of who I am.  Hero loves me unconditionally.  Hero cannot get enough of me and I love being adored.  It is as simple as that!

AH--but there is another who cannot get enough of me.  Another who is interested in everything I do.  Another who desires my company continuously. Another who loves me deeply-without reservation-unconditionally.  His love is eternal---His love is all encompassing--His love teaches me how to love.  Hero has reminded me of the very author of love--the one who wrote The Book of Love--the one who showed me undeserved love, the one who adores me when I am not very adorable.  His love is more than all I need--it is the well spring of love eternal.  He is love.  I am His and He is mine.

The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; 
he will rejoice over you with gladness;
he will quiet you by his love; 
he will exult over you with loud singing.
Zephaniah 3:17

As for this series on Hero, in the immortal words of Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that."


  1. Another great post, Lulu. Thanx.

    Our dog, which we got from a rescue centre, acts just like Hero. He is a big Staffordshire Bull Terrier yet he insists on trying to sit on one's lap. He is very attached to us wherever we go, following step by step. We believe it's because he may have been badly treated by previous owners.

    God bless you, Lulu.

    1. He has a good thing and doesn't want to loose it, Victor! He fears you are going away, but you have no intention of deserting him. God will never desert us either, yet we lack faith at times that He will always be by our side!
      Blessings, My Friend!

    2. Thank you, Lulu. I needed to hear what you've just said today.

      God bless.

  2. Hi Lulu! What a darling little friend you have now! And your comparison to how God loves you is such a good one, I was thinking along the same lines. I also thought that your relationship points me to why I love God...he loved me first! Certainly your love for the little two-timer came first. He saw it, experienced it, and gave it back to you. How beautiful!
    (I really did laugh out loud at the 'two-timer' line!)

    1. YES--HE loved me first!!! LOVE THAT! Thank you for the reminder. As for the two-timer, I still love him, in spite of his infidelity!
      Blessings, My Friend!


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