My sweet tenant walked to my door with a simple request today--

"Will you pray with me?"

We sat and shared what was on her heart and agreed to each pray as The Spirit lead.  It was a warm time of sharing--acknowledging-pleading with The Master.  After she left, I came away thinking about praying with others.   Not the Pharisaical prayer on the stage of life, but the one with one call to The Father--corporate prayer in the smallest unit of community--two.

What is the benefit of praying with another?  Is there any reason to seek another to pray with us?  If Jesus tells us to enter our closet to seek The Father, is there ever a necessity of seeking others to petition God?  Why pray with another?

"When two or more are gathered"  The Word promises us when we are gathered together--even two---He will be in our midst.  There is strength in numbers and power in a united front.  And best yet--when  we are in agreement with each other and His Word--He honors our petitions.  Honoring our petitions does not promise the answer we desire--it does ensure He is listening--He hears us and His Will will be done.

There is no more intimate act than praying with another.  It deepens a marriage, bolsters a friendship, and becomes the bond that unites.  The desire to pray with another is strongest when we have a deep and intimate relationship with our fellow petitioner.   They know our heart--they understand where we are coming from--they have our back-they know the real us.   As we sit as one and acknowledge the omnipotence of God Almighty, we grow in faith and trust.  Iron sharpens iron and faith begets faith.

Finally--we pray with others to experience a greater knowledge and growing intimacy with God.  I am limited by the confines of my experience and knowledge as to how I see God.  I have learned much and grown great leaps and bounds from hearing what others know about Him.  My Fellow Believers have stretched me--caused me to ponder--alerted me to facets of our complex God I  never would have considered without hearing them speaking with Him in intimate conversation.

It is so easy to promise to pray for you.  It is an entirely different commitment to pray with you--physically--out loud--in person.  Will you pray with me?

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for 
one another, that you may be healed.
 The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.
James 5:16


  1. Imagine you wrote a Blog, posting every day. And no body ever comments on what you say. You suspect people are reading you. The statistics say so; but then ... do you believe the statistics? Only accountants do and use them to confuse the rest of us.

    As I was saying ... you write a Blog and you don't know whether people agree with you or not, or are indifferent to your writings. Because no one comments.

    It is the same with prayers. You could be praying alone, day in day out. God is certainly listening. But are you praying the right prayers? Are you asking for the wrong things? Are you asking for your wants instead of your needs?

    When two or more people are praying together they somehow temper what we ask for. They agree between them that what they are praying for is justified and reasonable. You rarely find two or more people praying together to win the lottery, or to be famous, or whatever; unless they have been on the vino beforehand and their prayers are not prayers at all.

    Yes, I would like to pray "with" you. But how do we do that on the Internet? Now here's an invention waiting to be invented!

    Praying "for" you right now. God bless.

    1. A lesson within your comment, My Friend. Thank you! I am praying for you, Victor!

  2. AMEN Victor!!!!! Well said. smiles

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