Yes--I am moving back home--back to Ruston, Louisiana after four plus years here in Fort Worth.  Why? you might ask.  As simply as I can state it, Ruston is home--and I have missed it greatly.  It is time--to go back.

Moving here four years ago, I was convinced it was God's intent and direction that I move.  I still stand by those words.  Pardon my slight detour but I have seen quite the discussion lately about God speaking to us.  I have never heard God's audible voice, BUT have known God to speak to me in other ways quite often.  Perhaps if we couched our comments with a more appropriate "nudging of the Holy Spirit", it would not create so much controversy.  I fail to see the difference--for after all is not the Holy Spirit part of the divine Triune Godhead?  Sorry--I will leave this pig trail and get back to the subject.

The move here has allowed me time to lick my wounds--deal with my grief--and come to peace with the place I found myself in life.  I have spent a great deal of time mulling--contemplating--learning who I am and have also been rewarded with a deeper understanding of the more important--Who God is.  I have not been disappointed with my findings.    It has been a rewarding time of great personal growth and a deeper understanding of how I fit in to the grand scheme of the universe.  God has richly used this time away.

As an added bonus, I have been close--physically and emotionally to my family.  I have a bond with the four littlest grands that has come from being involved in their day to day lives.  Having moved just after the third was born, I have had the joy of assisting in getting them through those busy baby years.   The baby is now 2 1/2---the brothers are 8, 6, and 4.  They do not need me in the intense manner they did when they were infants and toddlers.  Well on their way to independence, their mom and dad have it all under control.

The road back to Ruston has been paved with the renewal of life long friendships in the past few months.  In June, I purposefully went back to Ruston for an extended month long visit with the express purpose of deciding where I needed to spend the remaining years.  I was not there a week before it was crystal clear what had been missing in my life.  The fellowship and community I had experienced most of my life in Ruston was quickly re-established.  I love my family--but they all have lives of their own and are not responsible for my happiness.  It is up to me--to determine where my life will be the fullest and I will be most effective in ministry opportunities.  Ruston is the clear choice.

There is not one disparaging thing I can say about Fort Worth.  I have met some really lovely friends here.  It is a grand city and I have loved having the opportunity to experience living in the city.  Perhaps you cannot teach an old dog new tricks--but I am obviously a small town girl homesick for the small town life enjoyed for 64 years.  The decision was made and the wheels put into motion to move back to Louisiana by the mid point of my June stay.  

The story of the buying and selling of homes will come tomorrow.  Let me give you a little tease---it has God written all over it!   For now--I am down to a less than a month and I will once again officially be a Louisianian.  I am looking forward with great anticipation to what God has in store for me in Ruston!

By wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established; And by knowledge the rooms are filled With all precious and pleasant riches.
Proverbs 24:3-4


  1. It is a pity that in our Blogs we don't often engage in theological discussions and learn from each other. That aside; of course God, and/or the Holy Spirit, speaks to us. If the phone rang and God said "Hi"; or if an Angel suddenly appeared as he did to Mary, I would probably fall off my chair and need a change of clothing. But God does speak to us in more subtle ways. Through other people perhaps, or often, directly to our souls. And when He speaks, He makes sure we understand it is He speaking.

    You were "sent" to Fort Worth for a purpose. Perhaps you saw it as a change of scenery much needed at the time in your life. But by being there you were a treasure to your grand-children and their parents who much appreciated your help. Also, think of the many pupils you have helped with your volunteering teaching or your charity work. By being in Fort Worth you touched many peoples' hearts for the better and they will always remember that. And God is grateful for your work.

    Now, He is sending you back to Louisiana where no doubt you have yet plenty to accomplish.

    God bless you for being always attentive to Him.

    1. Ah, Victor, you made me cry. There is not one thing I desire more than to be attentive to God and His good purpose for me. I pray daily to be attuned to His nudging. What a great blessing that he would chose to use me- in any fashion. He is a glorious and holy God- wise beyond my comprehension and yet He loves me. Praise Him!

  2. We are glad God nudged you back east!

    1. Looking forward to some face to face time with my very favorite writers!

  3. God does speak to us in many ways, and the problem is that we dont listen at times. I know you will miss those 4 little ones but God has some more work for you to do back in Louisiana. I pray that all goes smoothly and He will continue to speak for your future.

    1. The beauty is I am only a little over 4 hours away and there is a room waiting for me when I come to visit! At this time, I am feeling a nudge in a new direction of serving Him. Praying for the joy of it coming to fruition!

  4. Psalm 28:2
    Give unto the Lord the glory due His Name, Worship the Lord in the beauty of Holiness.
    You are giving the Lord the Glory...for all your ins and outs. He's been with you every step of your journey.
    How exciting that God is sending you back to Louisiana..."it is His country, after all." Louisiana will always be home to us, too.
    Bless your move.
    Be thankful for it.
    And Glorify it..
    Love you ... we will be praying. ❤️

    1. My sweet Union Parish friends, thank you! I am giving Him the glory! Without Him, where would I be?
      Love you both!

  5. So glad to have you back on this side of the border again! We have some catching up to do!


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