The decision was made--I was moving---and NOW the really fun part of selling and buying a house--not a house--a home!  When I moved  over six years ago from our family home to my first single home in Ruston, I had the good sense to contact my dear friend and truly an angel, Tami Alexander.  To say I was the walking wounded is an understatement, but she was my guiding light in negotiating the entire minefield of making it all happen.

God often uses other Believers to step in and step up when we are struggling and need a hand.  Tami has been God's Angel in my life four times!  She sold my family home, helped me buy my first home as a single, sold that home when I moved to Fort Worth, and now is helping me to buy for my move back to Ruston.  She has been my life jacket in the stormy seas of the real estate world.  

I get ahead of myself---when I decided the move back to Louisiana was for the best, I contacted my neighbor in Fort Worth--who I knew was looking for a house.  I explained I was moving and why and told her I was contacting her first--to see if she was possibly interested.  YES!  NOW--it sounds easy---and in many ways it has been easy.  No one else has trooped through my house, I have not had to be show ready 24/7, but the entire maze of selling a house has had to be traveled.  Inspections, appraisals, agreements, surveys,--the entire ball of fun!  

Add to that fun, the tenants have to be kept in mind.  The apartment is rented fully furnished.  This means keeping it as is and not disturbing the peace of the tenants until they move.  This entails leaving it as is until they move.  In case you have not caught on--I must then also move those furnishings--at a later date!

OH DEAR--now I need a house in Ruston.  Tami tells me the market is tight and there is not much in my price range for sale.  Not to be discouraged, I look at a house---not a fit!  We then look at some lovely townhomes.  I am ready to buy them---this does not work out either.  I finally make up my mind that I will have to move to Ruston and store my furniture until I can either find a house or build a house.   I laughingly quoted that infamous Saturday Night Live skit and declared I would have to live "in a van-down by the river."   Thankfully my sweet brother tells me I am welcome to stay with them until I find a fit.   Hero, the wonder dog will have to stay in Fort Worth with the kids until I get settled, since brother and his wife are allergic to dogs.

THEN---the kids get a new puppy.  New puppy is 4 times larger than Hero and Hero has a back injury.  I am concerned about him getting re-injured, since new puppy is full of playfulness,  so it is not a fit for him to stay with the grands.


I ask a sweet friend could I possibly stay with her and bring Hero.  She never hesitated--"YES"!  What a blessing Ruston friends are.  Hero is NOT social with other animals---I could not stay with anyone who already has a dog or cat.  This friend fit the bill perfectly and never blinked--but immediately said, "Yes".

I go on my hiking/biking trip to Idaho vowing to not even think about the move to Ruston, besides I have it all worked out!  Tami has a family medical emergency in Ohio and is out of pocket also.  For some reason in the midst of all she has going on,  she checks the multi-listing and there is a house she is very familiar with and thinks I will like.  I look---it is almost the same house I moved from when I left Ruston.  I loved this house.  Perfect match.

First House in Ruston

Tami negotiates, and we enter a buy/sell agreement for a house sight-un-seen.  Yes, I have looked at the pictures, but I am trusting my gut and Tami's expertise.  My gut can be indigestion--Tami knows me and knows houses, so I trust her advice.   SO I have a house!  Isn't that the way God operates--WE think we have it all worked out and He shows up and shows out!

As I told Tami in the 12 hour period all of this happened, "God is written all over this."  My sweet friend told me recently she didn't think God was in to the details, but instead left decisions up to us.  All I know for certain is God has thrown doors open and slammed others abruptly in my face.  I think He not only cares about the minutiae of life, but is as involved as we will allow Him to be in our day to day.  We get into trouble when we are not listening or keep banging on the closed doors.

So there you have the story.  In just over three weeks, I will be home again.  Looking forward to life in Ruston!  Watch out Ruston friends--I am ALWAYS looking for blogging material!

33 Oh, the depth of the riches and swisdom and knowledge of God! 
tHow unsearchable are his judgments and
 how inscrutable his ways
Romans 11:33


  1. Praise the Lord and congratulations on finding a new house in Ruston. I pray that all goes well with the move and that you sell your current home quickly.

    God is preparing the way for you because, I believe, He has a mission for you back in Louisiana. You will meet someone there to whom God has sent you.

    God bless.

    1. Ah, Victor, my Fort Worth home is under contract also. All systems are on go and I am looking forward to what God has in store for me in Ruston!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. I needed to read this, this morning. I seem to have been banging doors lately, and know without a doubt, I need to stop and turn it all over to God. I am so happy for you to have found the right house, and pray all goes well with your upcoming move. Have a blessed day.

    1. We all struggle with giving up control! Praying He will give you the assurance He is watching out for you.

  3. AWESOME news Lulu....we took a house unseen before we moved up here, we stayed a year in that slumlord land of a house, and then the good Lord sent a real angel, Mrs. Brown, out of nowhere, who lived 3 doors down wanting to know if we were interested in renting her downstairs apartment. Been here happily now for 4 yrs, sure we look at other houses and plot the future, and then have to take a step back and realize how good we have it.

    ANYWAYS, surely, you will send your new address, smiles. I look forward to reading more and hopefully seeing photos. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU. (sorry for shouting, lol & smiles)

    1. Something tells me you are where you are more for Mrs. Brown than you. You are her Guardian Angels!

      Yes- on the list is change of address cards!
      Blessings, My Friend!


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