I recently heard a story about someone being replaced in their job.  After giving their all and creating a successful program, they decided to join a new venture.  The change has not transitioned as smoothly as hoped.  Human emotions and expectations get in the way and when the almighty dollar is involved it puts an entirely different spin on things.  The ability to replace us is a big life lesson.

As I thought this over, the current controversy over taking a knee by professional football players during the  "National Anthem" shot to the surface.  This post is NOT about  your position on this hot button.  I have though thought of the movie from many years ago, "The Replacements".  The news seems to indicate the corporate headquarters are feeling the wrath of the people and their bottom line has been affected.  There is threat of a new rule--take a knee--don't play.  You will be replaced.

When I walked out of my CPA office for the last time, I knew I would be replaced.  The fact of the matter is I could have sat behind that desk until my last breath.  My clients, Bless Their Hearts, would have paid their respects and begun the search for their next CPA in the same day.  Realizing this is how mankind works made it much easier to leave the pencil behind and walk out the door.  These are the facts and I am not hurt or upset one second about it.

We can be replaced in almost every role in our lives, someone can step in and take our place.  The chair seat will hardly have time to cool before someone else plops down to enjoy the warmth we left behind.  When we start thinking we are irreplaceable--we are headed down the path to disappointment.  Someone else can always step into our shoes.

HERE IS THE REALLY GOOD NEWS---NO ONE can fill our unique shoes.  We bring something to the table in each and every relationship which is unique.  God created us all different and we act and react differently from our fellow man. We might be replaced, but we take our unique personalities with us when we walk away.  Perhaps the bitterness of swallowing someone taking our place can be mellowed with the sweetness of our uniqueness.  I take great comfort in knowing I am uniquely and perfectly created for His good purpose.  I celebrate our God given uniqueness.

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.[a]
Wonderful are your works;
    my soul knows it very well.
Psalm  139:14


  1. Since, this post is not about taking the knee in football, I will refrain from commenting on that part. Change can be just depends on how the person reacts. I am glad that the good Lord made me unique and special...smiles---change is often difficult and often met with resistance, no matter the age of the person or station in life.

    Another great post, Lulu.

    1. Watching a young person learn this difficult lesson is not easy, but we live in a fallen far from perfect world. I celebrate all our uniqueness! What a great God we serve!
      Blessings, My Friend!

    2. I agree...unfort...disappointment/pain etc. is part of life...I've had my fair share, that's for sure...hugs and lots of love.

      And giggling at Victor.

  2. I have never been replaced at work ... i.e. fired and someone else replaced me. But I had to replace someone once and it was very difficult indeed. A widow used to live next to us and I accidentally ran over her cat with my car. She was distraught and asked me to replace the cat. It was difficult having to sit on her lap and purr as she stroked me. She eventually let me go because I was no good at catching mice.

    God bless.


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