I go almost every day to the Lincoln Parish Park to walk The Wonder Dog and sometimes make a second trip to walk myself.  The park is such an asset to the community and includes a 1 1/4 mile paved walking path around a beautiful lake.

In an effort to keep Hero from chunking up, we always walk at least the lake path and sometimes venture into the woods.  Unfortunately the water from the lake has been drained off and sold to drilling companies.  There is fracking going on all over the parish and fracking requires LOTS of water.  I suppose it is better to use surface water than to drain our precious aquifer,  but the lake has been pulled WAY DOWN.

The theory behind allowing this surface water to be sold is the local rains will soon fill the lake up again.  As we have walked around the lake, I have noticed only two sources of flowing water refilling the half empty lake.

This little stream is slowly emptying into the lake.  It flows more freely when is has been raining, but today the skies are bright blue.  It reminds me of the old saying "Spitting in the ocean".  It does not seem to be make a dent.

This is an overflow from a pond a little higher up the hill.  It certainly is a better source and over time will help replenish the water.  The bottom line is--the water will take some time to fill the lake up to it's maximum height.  When the resource has been severely depleted, there is no fast fix in the replenishment.

So it is with mankind, there are times we are so physically, mentally, and emotionally drained, we are doing good to put one foot in front of the other.  If we continue to drain what is left, we will soon resemble a tub without a drain.  Never enough input to replenish what is continuously going down the drain.
We are not created to sustain constant output with no input.  We need food of all types- from hamburgers to a good book to keep us in top form.

We can also suffer depletion spiritually if we are never going to The Well and drawing from The Source.  Without time with God~be it prayer or in His Word~or in our faith communities, we soon will grow weak and frail from all the output.  Our peak spiritual form is only accomplished when we take the time to refill our spiritual tank.

Thankful God has blessed us with resources so we can continue to draw upon the source of all that is Good and Perfect.   To keep the power flowing--remember to stay plugged in!

But those that trust in the Lord for help will find their strength renewed.
They will rise on wings like eagles;
they will run and not get weary;
they will walk and not grow weak.
Isiah 40:31 


  1. That is really sad, about depleting nature....sigh. Great analogy, Lulu. smiles

    1. Thankfully we get enough rain here in Louisiana that it will fill back up again!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. Whenever I wash the dishes and cutlery, when I finish, there is always a spoon at the bottom of the washing bowl. It always seems to hide under the soapy water until the bowl is emptied.

    Did they find one of my spoons when they emptied the lake?

    God bless.

  3. Oh, yes, how easily we can become drained and ineffective when we fail to renew ourselves in God's Word, Lulu. Fortunately, He can refill us quickly when we turn to Him.

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