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Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Lucy is three.  Anyone who has ever had a three year old in their home, will understand what I mean when I tell you she acts just like a three year old.  She can turn into a pout faster than I can snatch the last cookie.  This pout can then become a full blown hissy fit if not nipped in the bud.  Even with intentional nipping, it can become a whirling dervish of unhappy.  Most of the time there is only one antidote, ignore it and let it blow over or play out--which ever comes first.  Diverting her attention also works and a good tickle always disarms the worst fit.

Last night on the way to dinner with a friend, I had my own hissy fit.  Channeling my inner three year old, I threw a royal fit because this does not look like I thought it should.  Now I have looked around and come to the conclusion all the rest of you live on Easy Street, while I am headed down to the Dead End on Hard Road.  I spent a few minutes ranting and raving over the unfairness of life and questioning the injustice of it all.  

Wisely, my friend let me blow off steam without saying a word.  When I finally settled into a gentle breeze, we both had a great laugh over my three year old fit.  Did it help?  Well it certainly did not change anything about my circumstance~it is what it is.  It did allow me to let go of some things I had stuffed way down deep.  I'm fine is my mantra, and I seldom allow myself to blow off steam over the unfairness of life.  NOW~I am not going to walk around being Debbie Downer (Sorry Debbie), but an occasional hissy fit with a trusted friend does more good than harm.  I always feel better after airing the built up frustrations, and also always come away with a fresh perspective on how blessed I am.  SO perhaps Lucy is on to something~an occasional hissy fit may be just the medicine the doctor ordered and a good cleansing laugh afterward is the tonic to begin again.  Little Lucy is a great teacher!

WELL, Friends, I pick up the Three Amigos today for a week of fun.  Larry, Moe and Curly will consume all my time and attention, so no blog for a week.  BUT THINK of all the material those three will give me!!

11 I also saw other things in this life that were not fair. The fastest runner does not always win the race; the strongest soldier does not always win the battle; wise people don’t always get the food; smart people don’t always get the wealth; educated people don’t always get the praise they deserve. When the time comes, bad things can happen to anyone!
Ecclesiastes 9:11


  1. Sometimes it is good to let off steam. It's our way of saying: I've had enough of this.

    God bless.

    1. I’m always surprised when my valve finally blows, Victor. It’s just not my nature to let her blow, but then I am relieved of the build up and able to begin anew. Very therapeutic!
      Blessings, My Friend!

    2. One way round this is to e-mail someone and let them get all your anger and bile. Use words they will not understand ... like onomatopoeia. Confuse them by saying "I had a crackling onomatopoeia for breakfast" or "Cabbages cause a thundering onomatopoeia in time!" WHAAAAM ... they won't know what hit them and they'll look it up in a dictionary.

      You have my e-mail address next time you BOOOOOM in anger.

      God bless.

    3. Well, Victor, I must confess I had to look up onomatopoeia before replying since I did not have a clue what it meant. YES---SHAM ZAM----I think you are on to something! I have many comments about you and your humor, My Friend. Thank you for keeping us laughing!

  2. "...a whirling dervish of unhappy."


  3. Letting off steam now and again is really good for us, Lulu. I've had to do so multiple times since MIL came to live with us in January. As much as I love her, it's downright hard some days. Poor Danny is so patient with my rants - he completely understands.
    Have a great time with Larry, Moe and Curly - lol! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures with them.
    Blessings to you!

  4. It's ok Lulu, we all need to blow off steam. Have a great time with the grandkids, smiles.


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