There is a stark difference in my economy in weeping and crying.  I have cried over the years, but would really prefer to leave crying in the past. Crying is not pretty.  Much has been said about President Bush's peaceful passing.  The experiences I have shared with those leaving has not been so story-like.  Instead it involved painfully trying to pull air into a dying body.  Hearing the rattling of lungs filling with fluid.  I have even heard of those who loudly moaned in those final hours.  This is what crying looks like also.  It is not pretty.  It is painful, it is appearance altering, it is loud sobbing and hic-cupping, and it feels like your heart is being torn from your body.  Crying is the most dramatic of human experiences.  Crying is more painful than I can explain with the limitation of words.  If I had my druthers, I would never cry again.  It is far too painful.

When shedding tears, I prefer to weep.  Weeping is the silent overflow of tears which slowly roll down my face.  Weeping comes with the sad as well as with the good.  I have wept at the sight of a new baby.  I have wept when singing praises.  I have wept at the deep truths of God. I have wept over the loss of so many dear to me.  And I have wept as I stared at the wonders of God's creation.  Weeping is not painful--weeping is an over flowing of the joy from within.  Weeping is a reminder of the abundant blessings of life.  The blessings of friendship and family, the blessings of the beauty surrounding us, the blessing of a loving God--are evidenced quite often by the silent stream of tears from a grateful child of God.

I have wept during the past few days as the nation celebrated a great life of our 41st president.  

I wept as I realized the Greatest Generation is quickly leaving us.  A generation I greatly admire for their sacrifice, courage, and determination when the world was threatened with the tyranny of a mad man.

I wept for those I have lost of the same generation.  Remembering how many of these great people helped shape who I am today, I mourned their loss.

I wept for those family members of President Bush.  Knowing how their lives are forever altered at this great loss and the hole left in their family.  I have asked God to comfort them with the memories of a life well lived by their patriarch.

I have wept for the loss of a sweeter-gentler time.  A time of civility even in the midst of disagreement.  A time when good manners were as important as coming out on top.  A time when I ran free to play until supper time with no threat of harm.  A time when integrity was more important than being the winner.  I wept as I mourned the loss of the world of my past.

I wept for the good still in the world, but carefully hidden for fear of seeming weak.  

I wept, through laughter, as a great man was eulogized and remembered.  

Tears and laughter are two of the greatest gifts from God.  An overflow of the joy of living to remind us of His good intentions for us.  And when the two come at the same time, we are reminded through the best and most difficult of times--He is always with us and provides what we need.  The relief of tears to signify our sadness or gladness and the gift of laughter to remind us of the goodness of life.

I weep and I laugh--as I remember and celebrate a great man of integrity and honor.  He is gone from our presence, but not from our memories.  Weep not--for He has gone to be with Jesus.

 Blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh.
Luke 6:21


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    1. Indeed, Victor, he experienced all of our human emotions.


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