I have been watching the PBS special, "Victoria".  The story of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert has them with seven children in the episode I watched this week.  As with all love stories there have been rough patches.  Outside influences, including the queen's own sister, have conspired to estrange the two.  The challenge of ruling the British Empire during an emerging industrial age is huge.  Prince Albert was raised in a different culture on the European Continent.  Victoria was raised as the heir apparent to the throne by an ambitious and domineering mother.  The story has more twists and turns than a modern day soap opera.  Add to this a new baby every time one gets close to walking and you have all the ingredient's for a stress filled marriage.  The two have been at odds in the last few episodes, but tonight saw them realize they were still in love--but the love has changed and evolved with time, maturity, and change of circumstance.  

Most marriages have periods of stress and strife.  I would dare to say that most relationships are stressed at some point.  A counselor friend once told me that if couples will only just hang on they will make it through the rough patches and come out on the other side stronger than ever.  The true test of any relationship is the willingness of both parties to work through the bad times.  The closer we are to someone the more likely we are to become aware of differences of opinion and even disagreements over circumstances.  How important that relationship is to us is then tested as we do the difficult work of reconcilement.  There are times we have to agree to disagree and respect the right to have a differing opinion without it threatening to end our relationship.

With time comes a deeper and more mature love in any relationship.  When thinking of my friendships, I know those which have endured for a long time have matured and deepened over the years.  A mutual respect and admiration has grown into a deep and abiding friendship where ideas are shared and opinions are debated without threat of malice or withdrawal.  With time and familiarity, those relationships have reached a deeper level of understanding and affection.  Love is ever evolving.

So it is with our relationship with God.  As we spend time seeking Him, speaking with Him, and growing in Him, our relationship deepens.  The relationship I now enjoy with The Father is completely different from the one I had even a couple of years ago.  He has grown me and shown me wonderful things about Himself.  I have become more submissive and more dependent upon Him.  I have learned what to expect during the rough spots when life is difficult.  He has shown Himself faithfully to uphold me and provide my needs.  It is a beautiful thing to see how God has drawn me along the road to sanctification.  He is the most important and deepest relationship I have.  And the beautiful thing--though my relationship with Him is evolving--it is only drawing me closer to Him.  Evolving love is a beautiful gift of grace and mercy from The Very One Who Created Love and is Love--God the Father.

16 And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.
I John 4:16


  1. I'm right there with you, Lulu, evolving in my relationship with the Father, and loving every moment of it. We never stop growing up with and growing into Him.

  2. I just finished watching seasons 1 and 2 on DVDs from the library. I'm ready to dive into season 3!

    7 children, huh?



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