I am NOT a clothes horse--my closet is not filled to overflowing and I tend to wear those garments which I am most comfortable wearing over and over.  Shopping is not my favorite thing to do and in fact, is way down on the list.  I had almost rather go to the dentist.

I do not have books in my closet, but you get the idea.  

Shoes are not a big deal for me either.  What is MOST important is for the shoe to be comfortable and to not look like a stork on stilts when walking in them.  HOW do you walk in these??

What I do seem to have more of is my "work out" shoes.  There is a pair for the road, trail shoes, hiking shoes, weight lifting shoes, and the extra pairs of the road shoes which have seen a better day but can still be an alternate pair.  Then there is the rack with the recycled old road shoes which are now my garden shoes.  It is VERY important for stability, grip, form, and bio-mechanics to have the right shoe on for the right activity.  The shoe is my most important piece of equipment.  Taking a close second to that shoe is the sock I wear under the shoe.  It needs to have just the right support, be non-slipping, and moisture wicking.  My feet are essential to all of my activity and I try to take good care of them.

It is a sure sign of a worn out shoe (though they never look worn out) when my feet and ankles begin to get sore after my long walks.  The cushioning in the shoe is essential to absorb the shock of my heavy footfall.  Therefore I do not neglect or ignore the needs of my feet.  All forward motion will cease without the proper care of that which creates the motion.

I am preparing next week's small group lesson.  We are talking over the shoes of the gospel of peace.  The author makes a statement I LOVE,

"When you're wearing your daddy's shoes,
your footprints can start looking a whole lot like his."

She admonishes us to put on our Father's shoes and see the tracks of peace in our hearts and our relationships and experiences with others.  The proper footwear is essential for peace to rule in our lives.  Turmoil, drama, chaos, and strife all come from the enemy and he is out to steal our peace.  "A life without peace is simply unprotected, crippled, unable to move forward, hindered from maturing and developing in a healthy fashion.  

When we put on our Father's shoes, we experience the gospel of peace.  This peace spills over into our lives.  Even in the midst of pain, commotion, confusion, disappointment  instability we remain steadfast because we are walking with the Spirit given confidence, stability and steadiness.  "Our God can and will anchor your soul, tethering it to the security found in His gospel, the good news of His beloved Son."  Put on your shoes and walk in faith--KNOWING all things work for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

Since we have been declared righteous by faith,
we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Romans 5:1


  1. I shall never understand women and their love for shoes. Shoes and chocolates. I wonder what would happen if you give a woman a shoe made of chocolates?

    I remember a saying by a wise old man when I was a child. He said to me, "If you walk a few miles or more in someone else's shoes, you'll be arrested for stealing them."

    I agree with you that old shoes can be uncomfortable. Especially if they let in water. I had an old pair with a hole in the sole (poetry) which let in water. So I made another hole so that the water could get out again.

    Another good lesson in your post today, Lulu. Thanx. Sorry if my mind goes out at a tangent. It's all to do with triangles you know. Another subject for another day.

    God bless.

    1. You are a study in loose associations, Victor!

  2. Like you, Lulu, I'm NOT fond of shopping, nor can I wear anything but comfortable shoes. I love your analogy here about wearing the Father's shoes - beautiful! May we all walk boldly in His footsteps.


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