We all want to deny we try to be perfect.  But the truth is we do seek perfection.  Perhaps not in all areas of your life, but in some shape or form--we seek to be as perfect as we possibly can.  We spend a great deal of energy and time trying to be good, do good, and look good.

Everytime I cook, I am seeking perfection.  Fortunately most of the time my dishes are edible.  They also tend to resemble the show on Netflix, "Nailed It".  Each contestant is given an example to go by and a limited amount of time to try and recreate it.  They are living my life.

Much of my life is a round robin of "try-try again".  I have repainted walls so many times there was danger of the wall collapsing from the weight of the paint.  I refuse to admit defeat and keep striving for perfection-every inch must be covered without flaw.

You name it--make up, gardening, volunteering, home maintenance, car washing, exercise,--why really everything I attempt I always come up a little short of my expectations.  Before you jump me for being hard on myself, my expectations are not too high.  I just want what the media tells us we should all look and be like.

I was recently talking with a friend about how we feel about our photos.  I have deleted ten times more than I have ever kept.  When I look at the image captured when enjoying great times, I immediately judge how I look.  I am seeking perfection in my reflection.  Instead of focusing on the wonderful moment and the joy of the journey, I am critiquing every facet of my appearance.

There is no perfection in this life.   And the quest for approval is futile.  Man is flawed and yet still seeks the unobtainable goal of perfection.  We begin chasing the unreasonable quest for perfection instead of chasing God.  The pursuit of perfection can become a bottomless pit of idolatry.  Before you know it we become addicted to the pursuit of being perfect in all we attempt.

Only through Christ can we be made perfect.  We are all flawed and we live in a flawed world--and yet we are promised to be made perfect in Christ~

And the God of all grace,
who called you unto his eternal glory in Christ,
after that ye have suffered a little while,
shall Himself perfect, establish, strengthen you.
I Peter 5:10


  1. I don't seem to have the problems you mention; but then, that's perhaps because I am already perfect. I really and honestly cannot find any fault in myself; physically, mentally or in character. Although I'll admit perhaps to being a little modest and shy. I don't push myself forwards enough.

    I share your experience about painting the house though. The painting expert told me that I should first scrape the old flaky paint from the walls and ceilings before painting on an new coat of paint; especially if it is a different colour. Too much work. I ignore him and paint again and again over the old paints already on the walls and ceilings. Unfortunately our house has become smaller and smaller over the years with all that paint on the walls. We hardly fit in. Even the mice are hunchbacked!

    Great post today, Lulu. As ever. They feed my soul ... as well as my imagination.

    God bless.

  2. And another thing ... maybe I should have said that we are all perfect. Because there are no rejects off God's production line!

    God bless.

  3. Of course you are perfect, after all you are a man- LOL
    Blessings, My Friend!

  4. Striving to be perfect is a waste of time, isn't it, Lulu? But yes, I hear you, because I always want to look, feel, do my best at anything I try. Maybe our longing to be perfect stems from pleasing God as much as man? But we know we can't - we will only be made perfect in Christ when we see Him face to face.


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