You ALL know Hero, The Wonder Dog.  I haven't talked about him in a while, but rest assured he is a daily part of my life.  Ruston life revolves around three times a day walks, treats for doing your business on the walks, feeding, and lots of naps in between.  You see, Hero is an old man now~ a needy old man.

My dear friend and former veterinarian, for my animals before Hero came along, Dr. Edwin Davis, once told me our pets act like their owners.  WELL NOW! Since the animal at the time tried to bite everyone who dared to enter his house, I might have resented that remark, at the time.  AND I AM NOT NEEDY!

This is the signal I want to go for a walk. 
 He has me well trained.

During the never ending redoing the floors nightmare,  (PLEASE someone slap me if I mention remodeling again) Hero went to Doggy Day Care everyday.  YES-they have day care for dogs now.  With the HUGE mess and furniture all in two rooms, he was more than a little disturbed.  It was down right dis-settling to the old man.  As I have spoken of in the past, he is a runner (or was before he discovered the good life and old age slowed him down) and with the doors open a great deal, I was fearful of him "Hitting the Road, Jack".  

I asked one of the ladies at "Day care" how he did around the other dogs when it is play time.  You do remember Hero is NOT a fan of other dogs and the bigger the dog the more aggressive Hero becomes.  He seems to lack good judgment.  She told me that as long as they left him alone, he was fine,  BUT they best not fool with him or the hackles are raised.  The large and small dogs are divided into fenced yards.  If one of the larger dogs DARES to get too close to the fence, Hero is after him.  Bless his heart, Hero lacks good judgment.  How many times, have I swept him up to keep him out of harms ways.  Thank goodness he only weighs 10 pounds!

I have only seen him grumpy at a human once.  One of my friends tried to take him out of my arms one night at the game table.  He gave her a low growl to warn her he was not interested in leaving his mom's lap.  He loves his mom--a lot.  He follows me from room to room and constantly wants to be where I am.  If he hears the car door slam and is outside, he begins howling.  He thinks he has been left behind.  I take good care of Hero---and Hero has turned into a needy old man.

This picture is first thing in the morning.  He starts at the end of the bed and sometime during the night creeps up to the pillow by my head.  During the winter months, he climbs under the covers (Remember he's part Mexican and does not like the cold).  It's like having my own personal heater under the covers.  I have to turn the heat way down at night--because his little body can generate lots of heat.  Having him under the covers is like sleeping in a sauna some nights.

Hero has begun to have old age aches and pains.  Some days, he might have a limp and is definitely slowing down.  There are days he cannot finish the entire walk and I have to pick him up and carry him home.  He has muscle atrophy from the back injury that led him to becoming my dog.  Those people have gone from this

to this~

They tell me how much they miss Hero.  Going from 10 pounds to 80 pounds is a huge difference.  Going from an old man to a puppy is another story in itself.

As I think it over, perhaps I am needy.  We humans have basic needs and then we have emotional needs.  We don't do well in a vacuum and are looking to others to help fulfill what we consider our needs.  Someone to love us, someone to care for us, someone to provide for us is part of our basic human needs.  Hero is not a fan of being left alone.  I try to provide for him, care for him and love him well.  He is a good pet and I try to be a good master and meet his needs.

I am needy also for God's love.  Nothing has ever fulfilled my wants and desires for faithful love and provision as God has.  There is an empty hole in my soul which can only be filled with the love of God.  I am needy--and my Master is my provider~Jehovah Jireh.  We were created with a need---a need only God can fulfill. I am needy and He is faithful.  

19 And my God will meet all your needs
 according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.
Philipians 4:19


  1. {{{giggling}}} You do know he thinks he is human, right? I say that in jest, the way Coffee (our German Shep) acts, we are most def. his "peeps". We each have our diff. ways and yet, he loves each of us and treats each of us as such. One is known to scratch his belly, the other is known to play, the other is known to do both...and he always comes to me when he wants to go out (or rings the bell at the backdoor). I swear, Lulu, its hilarious. lol--My husband even states Coffee sits at the door when I leave and will stay there until I return. We each have different personalities and he knows it. ANYWAYS--I have always said a dog makes a good companion, smiles---oh, and the ongoing joke is, he will let you in, but won't let you leave. He loves little kids, not adults so much, lol.

    Another great post my friend. smiles

    1. He is my faithful companion and loves me unconditionally. Definitely thinks he is human & we are a pack!
      Aren’t we glad we have them!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. Hero is such a sweet old boy, Lulu - seeing him brings back memories of the last dog I had. We truly had a bond like Hero and you do.
    Yes, we are born needy, I believe, and there is that longing in our hearts that only God can fill, that's for sure. Once again, I do love your analogies.


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