I recently heard someone comparing a performer to an egg.  Of course we all know that famous egg~ Humpty Dumpty

This nursery rhyme would have you believe once Humpty had his great fall, he was of no use.  I am not sure I agree.  Even in his cracked state, he serves to entertain, teach,  and amuse us.

While thinking about eggs, I thought of one of my first cooking feats, scrambling eggs.  Believe it or not, I taught myself how to cook.  As a young girl, I developed a fondness for scrambled eggs, and there were always eggs around to scramble.  My mother worked, so it became necessary to learn to cook or eat bologna sandwiches.  Thankfully I was extremely picky as a child (DEFINITELY got over that!) and so the things I would eat were very limited.  Long story short, it was a very short list of the things I needed to learn to cook.

Somehow I had to figure out how to get what was on the inside of that shell into the pan without also having a pan full of shell.  It took a few eggs to finally figure out the trick to cracking those eggs.  Today I am an expert, but the learning curve involved digging through the yolk to remove shell fragments inadvertently dropped plenty of times.  The good part of the egg, the part that was edible and of use was the soft inside, not the shell.  You can certainly find uses for the shells, but when it comes to cooking we only want what is inside the shell.  A firm crack and a well placed finger were the answer to dropping the yolk into the frying pan.  BUT what a fix we would be in if the egg did not have the protective covering of the shell.  Have you ever seen frog or fish eggs floating in the pond?  Try collecting them with no shell around them.  It is like separating water from oil---NOT an easy task.

So the lesson is to get to the good stuff, we have to be willing to crack the egg.

As I thought over the egg, I began to circle back and compare all of us to eggs.  How many of us have a protective shell around us?  Does the shell get thicker with life or are we vulnerable enough to allow ourselves to be cracked and expose the soft inside~the very heart.  I recently came across this quote, "You gotta love like there's no such thing as a broken heart."  That my friends can be a tall order.  BUT if I am not willing to take a chance, even risk heart break, what am I missing out on?  Hero loves to have his soft underbelly rubbed, but he is reluctant to turn over on his back for fear of being at risk.  When he finally trusts me enough to allow me to turn him over and give him a good scratching, he is so happy.  But first, he had to trust me and be willing to take the risk.

We studied Psalm 23 yesterday in Sunday School.  I was struck by the promise of the shepherd's care once again.  I came away remembering that God has promised His goodness and love.  SO fear not, be willing to expose the soft inner side ~the heart~ and KNOW His rod and staff protect you. 

I know that your goodness and love
will be with me all my life;
and your house 
will be my home as long as I live.
Psalm 23:6


  1. If we're not willing to be vulnerable, we are guaranteed to miss out on some of life's greatest joys, Lulu. Thanks for this "eggcellent" reminder here!

    1. Oh, I LOVE that, eggcellent!!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. Where in the world you come up with such great posts is beyond me, smiles...hey, I have gone back to Blogger. smiles

    1. Blogger is so easy & I need easy! My mind is a mystery! Who know where these come from. This one was from one very short comment­čśľ
      Blessings, My Friend!

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