I LOVE seeing God weave an intricate web over time to teach me eternal truths.  While the "Two Littles" were here, the first of this web began to be built.  I made a quick note, but never wrote about it last week.  For certain, God delayed the writing, He had more to show me.

The littlest Little asked one day, "Where is Heaven?"  Big Brother immediately answered, "Where God lives."  A good answer without need for expounding upon how God can be in Heaven and still everywhere with us all.  She was satisfied and Big Brother had been the one to share the truth.  You have all heard me speak of Truth Tellers many times via this blog.  My original thought was to write about the importance of mentors of the faith in our lives.  God showed me another aspect of this subject today in Sunday School.

We are fortunate enough to have a gifted Faith Historian in our class.  I have sat and listened to his teachings before and always come away amazed at his ability to "Tell the story."  Today Mike gave us a brief glimpse of the next few weeks and the heroes of the beginnings of Christianity.  Truthfully I had not spent much time before thinking over how the message was passed around and down through those first few hundred years.  It had not occurred to me the miracle that the original message survived intact until the books of the New Testament were finally combined.  He wove a skillful introduction today of the absolute amazement of how God used certain heroes of the faith to make sure the story was intact and not changed.  These truth tellers were on point and committed to passing along The Message of who Jesus was and what He did for us.  They were the ones who kept The Message pure.

As if THAT were Not ENOUGH, the message in church came from Titus and warned us about false teaching.  After all these hundreds of years, there is still an effort made to disenfranchise the truth of The Gospel.  Turn on television any Sunday, there is a plethora of examples.  The Gospel message is really simple--it is man who wants to put a spin on it---always for man's advantage.  SO false teachings have been around since the very beginning, and the truth tellers are charged with keeping the Gospel message pure and untainted.

JESUS is the answer---PERIOD!  Believe on Him, repent of your sin and turn from it and be cleansed of all unrighteousness in His Name.

Be the Big Brother, be the truth teller to those that God places in your life.  Keep the message intact--pure and simple--JESUS!  Thanking God for this lesson and reminder.  As we sang in church today, "What a Beautiful Name!"

"They claim to know God,
but by their actions they deny him."
Titus 1:16


  1. Amen, Lulu! It is absolutely God's doing that the message still remains intact today. False teachers? They abound everywhere, so we must be vigilant.

  2. "Be the truth teller". Period. End of story...yes ma'am. smiles

    1. So thankful for those God has placed in my life to be my "Truth tellers"!!
      Blessings, My Friend!


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