The High Reverend gave an example using his children and their territory disputes this past Sunday  I would dare say MOST of us with multiple children have been eye witnesses to these skirmishes.  It was so bad in the family I grew up in that my parents drew lines marking the boundaries we were not to cross.  We quickly claimed foul over the slightest infringement.  If you even dared to breath on my territory, the yard boss was called.  Momma always came up with a solution, which usually meant everyone was in trouble.  She had zero tolerance for bickering and bickering was a constant!

We adults may be a little more civilized about our territory disputes (in most cases), but we are still out to claim what we feel is "Mine".  I would dare to say-let me have it if I am wrong- the thing we are most territorial over is our time.  Perhaps it is a control thing, but we all want to spend our time doing what we like to do and heaven help you if you interfere with our plans.  I recently had a fresh reminder of this while recruiting volunteers to read once a week for 30 minutes to kindergarten students.  NOW-before you shoot me, I understand we all have different talents and applaud you using the talents you were given in service that fits them.  I am not bemoaning you not volunteering to read--I have a great group of readers.  I am gently (or perhaps overtly) asking~ do you have areas where you are serving?

During Sunday's message, we were reminded all we have it NOT ours.  EVERYTHING is a gift--a blessing--from God Himself.  Our pastor told us he reminded his children, when territory disputes arose, that everything they had came from someone else and was truly NOT theirs but a gift.  We seem to forget that as adults and lay claim to our time, talents, and possessions as something we earned.  Even when we "earn" the money by working to buy our possessions or fill our bank accounts, we conveniently forget WHO gave us the intelligence, talents, and capacity to earn that money.  

This brings us back to our time.  It is a gift and the number of minutes has been pre-ordained from the foundation of the earth.  God knows exactly how many minutes we each have and He has a perfect plan for how we are to spend that gift.  We can hold tight to our minute bank or willingly give those minutes in service.  As with all resources there is a rule of accountability---a graph of how we spent those resources.  How does your pie chart look?  Where is the majority of your time spent?  Are you tithing your time?  Where are your priorities?

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise
Ephesians 5:15


  1. We should all use our time wisely and effectively, remembering, as you've said here, that every moment is a gift from God. I really enjoyed this "mine" story here today, Lulu. Great illustration!

    1. Don’t you love it when God nudges is with a story! He continually gives me inspiration!
      Blessings, My Friend!


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