Lately I have a re-occurring theme in my thought process--working on my heart.  My heart can definitely use some work.

All students of physical fitness know the key to being physically fit begins with our cardio health.  We need to stretch the limits of our heart to improve the muscle which pushes life giving blood throughout our body.  This requires periods of cardio training where we increase the beating of our hearts to the maximum point of peak performance for intervals of time.  There is NO magic bullet to cardio health, it comes with plenty of work and planned exercise.  There is a direct correlation between our effort and the health of our hearts.

I must confess though I walk and work out consistently, I do not do a good job of aerobic conditioning.  I prefer to stay in my comfort zone than to push the limits.  So while I am doing something, I am not doing enough to maintain maximum conditioning.

There is a direct correlation between our physical heart health and our spiritual heart health.  By exercising daily in God through a disciplined life of seeking Him, we are increasing our spiritual heart health.  Spiritual disciplines or habits are the key to developing a healthy spiritual heart~

Prayer, silence and solitude
Listening to God-journaling
Bible reading & study
Loving God & our neighbors
Trusting God's guidance
Fasting (not just from food but other earthly habits)
Serving Others
Fellowship with other believers
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All of these practices are heart changing and heart growing.    They serve to increase the health of our spiritual hearts.

Recently when discussing tensions between friends, I reminded a friend the only thing we can change about the situation is our heart. We have no control over another's actions or reactions, but do have control over our heart.  Our heart can be healthy, vibrant, and strong, but it cannot obtain this condition without practicing the spiritual disciplines and habits as seen in The Word.  When faced with the trials and tribulations of the world, how we handle them will be directly influenced by the time we spend spiritually conditioning our hearts.  Here's to healthy hearts and changed lives!

26 My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
Psalm 73:26


  1. So very true, Loralu! We must exercise our spiritual muscles as much as we do our physical, if not more. And the only hearts we can change are our own. (Love Victor's pun, by the way!)

  2. I love this link between our physical and spiritual beings, friend.

    Oh so necessary to pay attention to our health and vitality in all those ways that matter most.

    Bless you for taking us there yet again ...


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