NO, I am not speaking of your physical heart.  I could give you a few suggestions how to work on that also, but my experience has been if you are not already working on it, you probably do not want to hear what I might suggest.

Lately, I have done a great deal of soul searching about the condition of my heart--spiritual heart.  It has dawned upon me---the only thing I truly have control over is my own heart.  This has created a higher sense of keeping my eyes off my neighbor and instead looking within.  The issue is not what my neighbor may be doing, but instead how I am reacting to my neighbor.  You do realize, I am speaking figuratively when I speak of neighbor as anyone other than myself?  Human nature seems to be looking for someone beyond ourselves to blame, criticize, or judge when we have no control of the actions of others.  So my pat answer when someone brings up the short comings or faults of others, let's work on our own hearts.

Short-concise-to the point.

2 Test me, LORD, and try me, examine my heart and my mind;
Psalm 26:2

POST SCRIPT--I read of a 24 day challenge on-line which I have begun and encourage you to do also.  Every day during December (you are only one day behind) you read a chapter in Luke.  The last reading will be Christmas Eve.  A wonderful reminder of why we celebrate this blessed season!  I hope you will try it.


  1. May you have a prayerful Advent, Lulu, as we prepare for the arrival of Jesus.

    God bless.

  2. My blog on Tuesday deals with matters of the heart, Lulu. Do great minds think alike, or what? :) The reading of Luke sounds like a great challenge for December. I just might join you!
    Happy Advent!

    1. Headed over there now to read your missive.
      Blessings, My Friend!


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