I have had many projects during this lock down to keep myself busy.  I recently decided to make a fairy garden.  The plants are all live-succulents, the sidewalk is crushed egg shells-repurposed from my garden compost savings, and the "grass" is dried moss.  All the creatures, furniture, mail box, bird bath, and house were ordered on line.  (The UPS man/woman have worn a path in the sidewalk to my door.)
 The sweet little house is solar powered and lights up at night.  How warm and inviting the light shining from the windows is when I glance out at the nighttime patio.  It seems to draw you in with a promise of peace.

As I was putting this project together, it began to dawn on me why this is so inviting.  We all want to live in the sweet cottage surrounded by a lovely garden and rock fence.  Perhaps I speak too hastily, but I would dare to say most of us in my season of life desire this.  Serenity, beauty, and warmth are now more important than massive, grandiose, and costly.

 While this is certainly lovely, my eyes see loads of upkeep, tons of work, and money flying out the chimney in a whiff of smoke.  You finally get to the point in life when you realize "things" are not what it is all about.  "Things" come with a burden to preserve them or they will implode.  There is much to be said for simplicity.

When I read, I find myself exhausted after finishing a book which closely reflects "real life".  I prefer the good feelings of "Lala Land" books-fairy tales.  Don't we all want a happy ending, don't we all want to be rescued from the brink of disaster, don't we all want to be loved and adored?  Don't we all want to be the central character in our own Fairy Tale?  BUT life does not always seem to go the way we once dreamed it would and more closely resembles a reality series than a fairy tale.

I have come to realize during this period of reflection, my cozy cottage in the woods is actually my sweet little house in the midst of the hood.  Happy endings are par for the course in fairy tales, but there is nothing holding me back from a sweet ending, and I am loved and adored by the One who is ever faithful.  He sent me a love letter full of promises and a declaration of His care.

I will keep on reading those happy ending books, and creating little treasures like my fairy garden.  There is nothing wrong with enjoying dreaming.  It is when we allow ourselves to become disappointed with what we have that trouble rears its head.  God has a way of reminded me of all the blessings He has lavished upon me when I drift toward the land of discontent.  I am loved and adored, my cottage is warm and peaceful, and there is a sweet ending coming.  In the midst of chaos, in the era of uncertainty, and with doubt knocking at the door, He is still My Provider whose promises are sure and certain.  Each and everyday brings the opportunity of living in faith, claiming the promises, and holding on to the sureness of sweet endings.

To Him who by means of His power working in us
is able to do SO MUCH MORE than
we can ever ask for, 
or ever think of:
to God be the glory
in the church 
and in Christ Jesus
 for all time,
for ever and ever.
Ephesians 3:20-21


  1. Oh, Lulu, I absolutely adore your little cottage and the fairy garden you've created! That takes some talent and ingenuity, my friend. And that photo of Snow White and Prince Charming absolutely takes the cake. Real life is often a pain, yet we can find solace in knowing our happy ending is truly happy when our trust is in the Lord.

    1. Absolutely, My Friend! I fully expect the fairy garden to be totally rearranged when the grands come for a visit and that is exactly why I created it!
      Blessings, My Friend!


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