I have read several fiction books in the last few months which center around bees.  Fascinating creatures-there is much more to bees than just their ability to sting and make honey. They really only sting when they feel threatened or the all important hive is being threatened.  The honey seems to be the purpose of the bee's life, but the honey is merely the tool to provide the nourishment needed for the life of the hive.

Bees have a definite social system and each member of the hive has an assigned job.  There is no sloughing off--everyone knows their assignment and carries out their duties.  The bees inherently know each and every member of the hive is important to the success of the hive.  Bees do not live selfishly, but instead selflessly--the business of ensuring the future of the hive is the object of each bee's life.  Why even the Queen Bee is replaceable ~ at the appropriate time.  The purpose of the hive is the continuation and viability of the community - the members of the hive all do their jobs--for the sole purpose of the long life of the community.  Each bee does their part to keep the hive viable and healthy.

We could all take a lesson from the bees when it comes to our social pods--be it family, civic, social, or any form of group.  When we sacrifice our personal wants and desires to insure the viability and long life of the group, success will follow.  If we get wrapped up in our our agendas instead of looking to the good of  the all, things will begin to fall apart.  When power, prestige, and wealth begin to cloud our ability to see what is best for the whole, we slowly begin to pull apart and eventually will implode.  The success of the hive is only guaranteed when all the bees work together for the good of the hive.

A really good lesson for our families, our communities, and our country.  If we could EVER look beyond what we feel is best for us to what is best for all, we might actually begin to pull together to insure the enduring presence of the group.  If only we could quit looking at our fellow bees and judging what they are doing wrong and instead focus on what we should be doing.  If only we could work together for the good of us all, what a difference it could make.  There is much to learn from the bees, but first we have to admit We is more important than Me.


  1. Yes, Lulu, ideally we should be looking at the good of the collective, not just what is good for us. However, our country is so fractured right now, I feel that is going to be one long and arduous row to hoe.

  2. I saw a bee once. It was sitting on a chair in the garden. She said, "What's the point? I work, flying from flower to flower gathering honey which I take to the hive. Then a man with a net on his head and smoke in his hand comes and takes it all way!"

    God bless.


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