Would you give me an, "AMEN", if I asked the question--


I drove straight through from San Antonio last March 13 on the return journey from Big Bend with this sweet grand. Stopped at his front door in Fort Worth and let him off and headed home.  COVID had made its entrance into the Deep South.  Except for trips to help my sweet children, I have stuck close to the Hood ever since.

A week away from being a year since I have "Hit the Road Jack" to see what I have not seen.  OH, YES, I spent from Labor Day until New Years in TX, but I went from my four walls, to another set of four walls.  It was CERTAINLY wonderful to have loved ones to see and talk to everyday, but my need to wander has gone unsatisfied.  When you begin to chat up the grocery pick up people and all the drive through staff, you know you are hungry for conversation.

SO, I have been looking at potential places to visit.  Places I have not seen but desire to visit in our beautiful country.  I have "Had my shots" and I am itching to go.  The question becomes--is it safe, what is the best way to travel and should I head rural or urban? 

I have watched photos coming across the WWW of friends who are traveling with their travel trailers.  This seems like a great answer to the safety question.  You would certainly have more of the "Pod" feel while avoiding hotels, large cities, and the option to dine in.  I do not have a travel trailer nor the vehicle to pull it with-so that is out of the question.  It seems I need to be satisfied with seeing their pictures and living vicariously through their travels.

There is another part of me---who knows how blessed I am to have good health, a roof over my head and food on the table.  So many would love to have no worries beyond when can I travel?  It seems rather selfish to even be thinking about my wish to be on the road again.  There was a time I would have called this a "First World" problem, but no more.  Since there are tens of thousands in our midst with food insecurity, possibility of lost shelter, and a constant question of how to pay their expenses, it seems I am standing too close to the mirror to see what is surrounding me.  On second thought, perhaps I should be more concerned with those who are struggling than where I might go next.  Nothing like a snapshot of the real world to put things back into perspective. 

"Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker,
but whoever is kind to the needy honors God."

Proverbs 14:31


  1. What you've reflected upon here, Lulu, really caught me up on where I stand on this "finally freedom" issue. I got my second shot today, and the first thing we plan to do once I'm fully immune is to visit my mother for several days. I haven't been able to hug her in over a year!!! After that, it will be going to see the grands on their spring break. But as things return to normal for our family, I do want to make more effort to reach out to those in our community who are hurting, lacking, and just need someone to make a difference.
    Stay well and make memories, my friend!

    1. Most of us are planning those trips to see family--FIRST! What a year!
      Blessings, My Friend!


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