Once a week, I go to the local Men's Shed for She Shed Day.  We talked about Sheryl's She Shed yesterday- and the Men's shed is a local organization primarily to promote community with a side of wood working.  After reading yesterday's post, a dear friend and local insurance agent texted me with this comment~

"Had many claims on She Sheds!  Now no company will write coverage on them!"

A very small attempt at humor at the expense of us girls!  LOL!

In fairness, I will confess this true story that happened just this Monday.  We girls are making bird feeders at the She Shed.

NOW, this was done by one of the more experienced members.  I have not finished my feeder, but pretty certain it will not look this good.  To begin with, when I cut out the two sides of the bird with the saw, mine were FAR from symmetrical.  It took a LOT of sanding to get them even close.  And then, somehow I didn't cut the hole in the middle until AFTER I had glued the two parts together.   BIG MISTAKE!   That is a REALLY thick board to bore a hole into.

SO, my faithful teacher and sidekick helped me with trying to get that hole bored.  You use one of these--I call it a "Hole Machine", but it has a technical name too.

The bit I used was the size of the hole--that is a wide hole!  As we began to cut the hole, saw dust and wood shaving were being thrown to the side.  The problem began when the hole became so deep, the shaving were accumulating in the hole. The first hint of a problem was the smoke coming for the hole.  Wood shavings, metal bit, heat---think making your own fire out in the wild.  YES, I was on my way to a full fledge fire.  I could just see this building filled with equipment going up in flames.  Thankfully in my old age, I still sense danger and react quickly.  We pulled the bit out of the hole and averted Code Red.  The amazing thing---I got the hole cut, there was no fire, I still have all my fingers, and someday I will have a feeder.  If you put it far enough away, it will look great!

My question today is do you still sense when you are treading into dangerous territory?  Is your alarm system still working when you need to back away to prevent being burned?  Think analogy--not literal.  Are you sensitive to the warning signs when smoke begins to get in your eyes?  (ANOTHER song title)

16 The wise are cautious and avoid danger; fools plunge ahead with reckless confidence. 

Proverbs 14:16


  1. Disaster averted!!! Yes, Lulu, the older I get, the more I seem to sense when something ahead could be trouble. I'm very grateful for that, considering all the crazy things I did when I was lots younger. We live and learn, don't we?
    And I think your feeder will look great!

    1. We need to stay on our toes fir sure, Martha!


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