I have faith when I inhale there will be oxygen to feed my body and all systems are on go in processing and distributing said oxygen.  I love the smell of a spring shower which only occurs in those first few minutes of rainfall.  As of yet, (do not rule out what pollution is doing to our environment) my faith has been rewarded with each and every breath.  Spring showers can be fickle and the smell I dearly love does not accompany each and every shower to roll through. 

Photo Credit-Keith Boydstun

I have faith the sun comes up in the east and sets in the west each and every day-even when hidden behind the clouds.  I love the glorious wonder of both the sunrise and sunset.  In my brief stay here upon this terrestrial ball, though the time may vary and the position slightly change with the seasons, I have not been disappointed.  The sun has risen and fallen every day.  Though I love the sight of those sunrises and sunsets, my sighting is dependent upon my pausing to look, no sneaky clouds in front of the sun, and nothing blocking my view.

I have faith that my family will always support and love me.  I love the gathering of family --big or small.  There is nothing quite like a family's love.  My faith in my family has not been disappointed-they have faithfully stood by my side--even when I was less than pleasant and not easy to be around.  Unfortunately, my love for family can sometimes be a struggle due to great distances and busy lives.

We have all read the famous letter to the Corinthians which gives the definitive definition of love.  Love is a beautiful thing, but love is also a fickle emotion--ebbing and surging with the circumstance of the day.  Faith--faith is deeper--rooted in our very soul.  Here is another quote from the book I just finished~

"Love and faith are very different things.  We work to have limitless faith, faith that encompasses grief, faith that expands beyond doubt.  When we see suffering, it shakes our faith, we pray for those limits to be removed.  Love is the enjoyment of something.  The feeling of wanting something deeply, of wanting nothing more.  Our love of God is not as important as our faith in God.  Love wanes.  Faith cannot.  One can have faith and anger, faith and hate.  One can believe deeply and still rail against God, still blame God.  In fact, if one can hate God, it is a sign of deep faith, because we cannot hate and at the same time doubt God's existence.  Faith will allow you the room for anger, for disappointment for hate.  Love will not."

"Faith sees beyond space and time and knows that everything is already as it should be.  Hope dwells with the expectation of seeing in the physical reality what faith sees in the spiritual.  And Love is the eternal dimension that remains forever." Hadassah

Challenging reading---do not automatically disagree--think it over.  I am so thankful for faith, hope, and love.  Love does indeed make the world go round in my opinion.  Faith---deep abiding faith--it gives me a persistent assurance of God's unchanging character.  Faith gives me hope that there is love.

"For we walk by faith,
not by sight."
2 Corinthians 5:7


  1. With you, Lulu, I agree. Faith does keep us anchored in God, and our God is the Lord of love. That is what we must strive for and emulate with every fiber of our being.


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