Once again the time of year when we are most likely to have severe storms has rolled around.  At least once a week the weather person is telling us to batten down the hatches, crawl in your closet and BEWARE!  I must confess I have hidden in the closet twice in my long life.  Once in Fort Worth--that would be the tornadoes and storms that caused almost every roof in the area to be replaced.  The other time the domino players were here for the big game and we have a player that is terrified of storms.  All six of us climbed into my closet.  We were stuffed in there like sardines in a can.  

My daddy taught me to love a good storm.  How many times have I sat on the porch and watched the wind, rain, and lightning show?  Hopefully if I hear a train coming (since there are no train tracks for miles), I will have the good sense to take cover.  Two years ago we had the unthinkable to happen when a strong tornado struck Ruston causing the loss of two lives and doing severe damage to the city.  All those years--all those warnings and in the middle of the night with little warning we were in the midst of it.  True confession-I heard the sirens that night since I am a light sleeper, but never got out of bed.  Perhaps I am just enough Calvinist to believe when it is my time there will be nothing to do about it.  After all it was only a storm.

We have also had warnings about the danger of becoming infected with COVID.  Some have chosen to ignore these warnings and thrown caution to the wind.  We all have different levels of risk tolerance.  I am not a  risk taker when it comes to the virus, but will take a risk in storm warnings.  Some have paid the ultimate cost by ignoring the warnings.

With both of these, we become numb to the danger with time.  It is at least a weekly occurrence to have storm warnings here in Louisiana.  We are close to the Gulf of Mexico with warm humid air flowing our way.  Cold fronts zoom down from the northwest and collide with this tropical air and we have a storm situation.  We know its coming, we know it is dangerous, but we accept the risk and place ourselves in the path of danger.

We have had more than a year of lock downs, masks, limited gatherings, and social distancing.  It is wearing us down and we have begun to think the danger is past.  Then there are those who think there is no virus, or it is all a conspiracy, or it will never happen to me.  For a variety of reasons, many have opted to chance the risk and return to their normal life. 

SO-it is with the enemy.  We have been warned---The Word is filled with warnings.  We know the consequence of sin.  We know to be cautious in this fallen world.  Yet, we still become complacent and ignore the signs of danger as we plunge headlong into the pit of temptation.  We have been warned, but choose to ignore the warnings.  OH--the price we pay when we ignore the flashing lights, shrill sirens, and stern warnings of danger our Spirit gives us.  For some reason we opt to stick our head in the sand and race forward--into the clutches of danger.

Be aware--not just of the weather, or the virus--but especially of the cost of sin.  Yes, as believers we are forgiven, but there are still consequences to our actions which are costly to our peace and joy.  Heed the warnings and stay safe!

"Stay alert! 

Watch out for your great enemy, the devil

. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour."

I Peter 5:8


  1. Another stellar analogy, Loralu! Yes, sin is most certainly a danger lurking about, looking for the opportunity to pounce. May we all be wise and seek shelter in the arms of Jesus.

    1. NO safer place, Martha!
      Blessings, My Friend!


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