While in Austin for #2 Grand's graduation and to finally see #7 Grand again, I met a really sweet couple and their baby who are a mixed marriage.  She is Texan (you notice I did not say American--Texans always claim their Texas heritage first) and he is English.  They are currently living in England and were back in Texas visiting relatives.

In case you are wondering about a size comparison between the two--here you go.

I sat by the husband, who is from England at lunch, and had the opportunity to question him extensively.  NOW--for the pressing question we all would ask someone from England first- "How do you guys feel about the royals and all that drama?"  WELL NOW---as intrigued as many Americans are with the royals, it seems those who are footing the bill for all the pageantry are more underwhelmed and appalled with all that has been happening across the pond.  It would seem there is a great deal of unrest among the John Q. Citizens about the cost of this "tradition."  The feeling is that after the present queen is gone, there might be changes in store.  The long history of the monarch may or may not survive her death.  While there is a great deal of respect and love for the beloved monarch, Charles is another story.  One thing is for certain, change is never easily brought about--that is what wars and rebellions are all about.  Only time will tell, but now you know at least what one Englishman thinks.

As we spent the time chatting about the start of their relationship in America and eventual move to England, I was intrigued to find out they both have dual citizenship.  NOW--as a retired CPA, my first thought is about the tax implications-if you think the tax code is staggering for someone who lives in the states, try having one foot in two countries.  OH--THE TANGLED WEB!

The two of them did not seem bothered with the intricacies I was obsessing over, instead seemed quite happy with the dual citizenship.  Where would your loyalties lie?  How would you decide where to have Christmas?  Would your child have dual citizenship or claim loyalty only to their birth country?  On and on--are the deep entanglements of not only combining two families but also two families from different countries.  It makes me want to crawl in a cave and hide.

Though I have lived in two different states during the last few years, I have not been citizens of both states at the same time.  It has occurred to me to try and have a small home in both places, but that is more than a little bit overwhelming. To be a good citizen of two places is a difficult balancing act to say the least.  It seems to me that one or the other or both will be short changed.  It is the epitome of spreading oneself thin.  Some have vacation homes, but they are truly not citizens of the area where they spend short bursts of time.  Our homes are the places we spend the majority of our time.

After thinking this over, I began to realize I actually hold dual citizenship.  I am a citizen of this world and a citizen of the eternal world.  It is not always easy having a foot in both worlds, for you see there are plenty of things about this terrestrial ball which I find deeply troubling.  I am certainly torn between the two worlds at times.  So much and so many that I love are here, but the shining glory of the eternal world is the very essence of love.  Someday my dual citizenship will end and I will claim Heaven as my home.  The continuing question I took from my conversation was "How to be a good citizen?"  My conclusion-

Make the most of the place I am placed each and every day.  Look for the day's opportunities placed before me and rise to meet the occasion.  I am praying to be a good citizen of where God has placed me and look forward to claiming my final citizenship in my eternal home.  

"But our citizenship is in Heaven.

And we eagerly await a Savior from there,

our Lord Jesus Christ."

Philippians 3:20


  1. My Dad was from Great Britain, so I'm always fascinated by these kind of conversations, Lulu!

    1. It was such joy visiting with this young couple. Love hearing different perspectives!

  2. We truly are citizens of Heaven first, Loralu. May we remember that!

    1. Always--this is but a temporary stopping place.


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