I am considering posting a link to the books I cam currently consuming on Saturday.  I need some feedback on whether or not you would like to see this,.

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Before I proceed with one of those currently in my stack, let me tell you what I have begun doing.  If you consume as many books as I do, it is really difficult to remember them all.  Unless they are really extraordinary, they tend to get lost in the gray matter.  I have begun recording my books on notes cards which I keep in a small card file such as this~

Available from any office supply or discount store, this now stores the cards recording the books I have read to date this year.  I plan to continue to do this practice.  It gives me a record of what I read, when, rates the book, and a short synopsis.  I have found these little notes invaluable in keeping up with the books I have read and the notes usually bring the book content back to the surface of the old brain.  A little memory trick to help with my forgetfulness these days. 

I recently finished this book~

which I purchased HERE

My short synopsis of this book on my note card


"Book filled with truths which cause you to slow down and think.

Two almost opposite couples, both in ministry, are the main characters.  The story of how God morphed them into a team despite their differences.



  1. I have added many of your recs to my "to read" list!

  2. The more books, the merrier!
    Blessings, Lulu!

    1. AMEN, Martha! This was a REALLY good read!


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