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The grands are all big fans of "Harry Potter".  They have read through the series of books at least a couple of times and watched the movies so many times they can recite the lines.  They are trying to educate Lulu on the intricacies of the World of Potter.  The last time I was there we watched one of the movies which had a magic mirror in it.  Professor Dumbledore thought he had it put away out of sight, but, alas, Harry discovered it on one of his forbidden nightly  wanderings through the halls of school.  The Mirror of Eirsed reflected your greatest wish.  Harry became stuck staring at the reflection of his mother and father with him in the middle.  His parents were killed by an evil nemesis when Harry was a baby, Harry's greatest wish was to be a family again. " Things were also not as they seemed with the Mirror of Erised. The old device reflected one’s deepest desires but kept them just out of reach."  Harry had become stuck staring at the refection of his deepest wish.  "Dumbledore knows that life can pass you by while you are clinging on a wish that can never be or ought never be fulfilled."  DEEP Stuff there, Friends!

The minute I heard Dumbledore gently correcting Harry, it hit me how profound and true this can  be.  You cannot change the past, nor is it wise to continually stare into the past.  There is a song by Bruce Springsteen called "Glory Days" which addresses being stuck in the past.  Life flies by while we tell the stories of yesterday.  NOW, I am not saying there is anything wrong with reflecting on our fond memories, BUT when we refuse to believe it could ever be any better ~ we are stuck in the deep mire of memories. 

AND THEN, we find ourselves not making new memories of today, but instead dwelling on yesterday.  It seems to me, we are responsible for making our memories, in most cases.  I love to be home, but I know one thing to be a fact, I am NOT making memories here alone.  It takes making an effort and engaging in community to write those new memories.  

What if David decided the pinnacle of his life was slaying that giant and went home and closed the door on the world.  He spent his days and nights re-telling the same old story until one day he woke up to find no one to listen.  All his admirers had moved on to their latest hero and left David to stare into the past.  What a sad tale that would have been.  But God was not finished with David and David was willing for God to use Him.  David had a long life with many more memories to be made.  The Word is filled with his life story.  Are we not glad David continued to live the life in front of him and did not stay stuck staring into the glory of yesterday.

Perhaps we begin to believe it could not get any better.  You may be right, BUT you will never know until you stop gazing into yesterday and step into today.  I am pretty certain God wants us to relish the gift of today and make the most of it.  There are lessons to be learned--even from Harry Potter.

"Remember not the former things,
nor consider the things of old,
Behold, I am doing a new thing;"
Isaiah 43:18-19


  1. No, we can't sit around staring into our past, Lulu. We are meant to learn from it and go forward, making new memories.
    Blessings, my friend!

  2. I am pretty certain there are times many of us dream of the "Good Old Days". No reason we cannot still be making those same kind of memories today!
    Blessings, Martha!


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