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Yesterday's blog brought a comment from a faithful reader which left me laughing out loud.  "We find out what happened when David decided to stay at home with the story of Bathsheba."   LOVE it when you talk to me! NOW back to today's subject~

 It is HOT & HUMID here in North Louisiana right now.  There is NO respite coming from the oppressive weather until at least late October.  We Louisiana natives expect no less.  Sweating is a way of life. 

Here in The Hood, there are no trees of any size,  The developers came in and cleared our hill before plotting lots in an effort to utilize every square inch and use a cheaper way to develop.  It is NOT easy to build roads and houses with established trees to work around.  The oppressive heat necessitates really early morning walks with The Wonder Dog.  He is old and does not handle the heat well (NOR DO I & YES I AM OLD TOO).  By this point in the year, you cannot get up early enough to miss the heat wave slapping you in the face as soon as you step out the door.  Compound that with the sun and it can be unbearable by 7:00 AM.  I try to be out the door by 6:30 at the latest.

I have discovered a little secret just across the street from The Hood.  There is a lovely asphalted road in the shade which gives us a nice walk every morning.  There is only one problem ~ there is a locked gate at the entrance to the road.  Just recently I discovered I am good friends with the land owners.  OH, JOY!  (The benefit of living in a small town)  I was sweetly granted permission to walk on the shaded path anytime I wanted.  There is just one problem---you have to get around the locked gate.

It is quite comical to see me negotiating climbing the fence to enter the promised shade.  To begin with, I have to do a thorough search for snakes in the tall grass.  Who wants to put your  foot on top of a slithering serpent???  THEN I have to get these long legs over the railing while high stepping to try to avoid chiggers and ticks in the grass.  AND, DID I MENTION I HAVE TO CARRY THE WONDER DOG WHILE DOING ALL OF THIS?  It is quite the show to see me casually ignoring the no trespassing zone. (The joys of rural living)  I try my best to not have anyone driving by when I am climbing the fence.   I feel like I should wear a shirt saying                                                        

                                                   HEY-I HAVE PERMISSION!  

Once I get through the obstacles, we have a nice long walk down a deserted road IN THE SHADE.  

Thank you,  Jimmie and Jackie for sharing your piece of paradise!  Hero and I walk your lovely shaded road  3 or 4 times a week.  Bless you for sharing!

This story reminds me of the Israelites wandering in the wilderness before eventually (a short 40 years later) FINALLY arriving in The Promised Land.  Those years in the wilderness were not easy.  God was teaching them as they wandered.  They first had to climb the fence of 40 years of wandering to get to where they wanted to go.   Eventually they arrived in God's Promised Land and enjoyed the land of milk and honey.  The trip there though was not without trial to say the least.  BUT, life promised to be so much easier once they crossed that final river.

Something tells me when they finally arrived in the promised land, there was a sigh of relief along with the great celebration among God's people.  This all reminds me of our wandering through the life on this earth.  Eventually we WILL cross that final gate and enter the promised land.  Meanwhile, enjoy the journey and learn as you go.  There is an easier path coming--just beyond the gate.

"If the Lord is pleased with us,

then He will bring us into this land

and give it to us-

a land which flows with milk and honey."

Numbers 14:8



  1. Oh, Lulu, that kind of heat and humidity would do me in! So glad your neighbors granted you access to their shaded path - a true life saver for both Hero and you.
    And yes, life presents many obstacles along the way, but God will see us through it all if we are faithful.

  2. We all adapt to the weather, Martha. It doesn't bother us as much as it would someone who has not lived in it. YES, God is in the business of helping us climb the fences!


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