We all like to be known for something which we do well.  I have friends who exercise several hours a day and are constantly looking for the next dangerous adventure.  They are well known for their physical feats.

 I was forced to give up trying to keep up with them.  We all KNOW who gets eaten by the bear--the one at the back of the pack.

We all have those friends who look like they just stepped out of a fashion magazine every time they leave their house.  Make up perfect, not a hair out of place, and the very latest in fashion ensemble.  My question is always--HOW LONG does it take to get this look?  Patience is NOT my forte when it comes to putting myself together.  I look more like "Did she look in the mirror before leaving? when I leave the house.


A recent blog about  was about one of my gardener friends redeeming her broken blossoms by creating a flower arrangement.  After one reader's comment about our talented friend, I asked, "Don't we all get garden envy from her beautiful photos of her garden?"  Her reply, "ABSOLUTELY, I love a beautiful yard/garden, BUT I don't do the work to have one."  I LOVED her honesty and truthfully that is my problem in a nutshell.  I usually do not want to expend the effort it takes to be well known for an endeavor.

One thing which took little effort, but I seemed to be able to do with ease, was make my friends laugh.  I was known for a quick pun and great story guaranteed to get at least a snicker out of you.  Sadly these days either my humor is fading, my world is shrinking,  or my tack is no longer sharp, but the laughs are not as frequent.  WELL, except for the ladies at The Well who are constantly amused at my efforts to dance while teaching exercise.  If laughter is good for the heart, they should have perfect hearts because they are greatly entertained by my stumbling over my own feet while trying to lead them.  Recently one of the ladies was in my car for a ride home when I stopped to make a delivery.  I gracefully dropped the book in the door slot and made a less than graceful pirouette to head down the front porch steps.  She was staring right at me as I made a stumble toward the beautiful flower beds.  Throwing my arms out for balance, I jerked my entire body back toward the steps.  My friend is in the front seat cracking up as I took a quick bow before ducking toward the car.  She laughed all the way to her house.  

So today, I can still get a laugh, but the laughs are usually at my expense.  You know what, I'll take that too.  Nothing makes me happier than to hear a sweet friend laughing and if I have to show my obvious lack of grace to get it---SO BE IT!  Laughter means a moment of joy ~ and if I can bring one moment of joy into anyone's life ~ I am blessed.  

"We were filled with laughter,

and we sang for joy.

Psalms 126:2

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  1. Laughter is undoubtedly the best medicine, Lulu, and if you have the gift to make others laugh, no matter how you do it, you are blessed!
    Blessings, my friend!

  2. Yes, Indeed, Martha. I laugh at great deal at myself. It doesn't pay to take things too seriously!
    Blessings, My Friend!


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