I am fiercely independent---to an absolute fault.  Most of my life, I have refused to ask for help and instead struggled to do impossible tasks alone.  It has not always been easy and sometimes I end up black and blue in the effort.  It also has tested my resolve and creativity in getting things done.  I have learned there is usually a way to do even the seemingly impossible with a little ingenuity.

The only thing lately I can remember having to ask for help  was breaking into my own home after locking myself out.  (It's not nice to laugh!)  These double pane windows with shatterproof glass are no joke.  My neighbor finally took a ball peen hammer to break the pane of glass.  I was locked out and did not have access to heavy enough tools to break the glass.  My car keys and cell phone were securely locked in the house.  I am not certain what I would have done if my neighbor happened to be away since my sweet niece was out of pocket.  

WHY? am I so stubborn about asking for help?  Do I see it as a sign of weakness?  Do I want others to think I am strong and capable?  Some of the things I need help with, I will never be able to do without help.  Some things are two people jobs, some things are far heavier than my limited strength, and some things I really should not be doing at this stage of life (roof top matters). I hate to impose and feel helpless and a bother when I have to ask for help.   So  most of the time, I ignore what needs doing in the futile hope that it will go away.

WHY?  Plain and simple it is the sin of pride.  I do not want others to see me as needy, incapable, or weak .  My pride wants you all to think I am self sufficient, strong, and completely independent.  It's really being stubborn as a mule. (I apologize to all the wonderful mules out there--Wouldn't want the PETA patrol after me!)    None of us want to feel we can not take care of ourselves, when in truth with every passing day we are moving closer and closer to returning to the dependence we began with.  If we live long enough, most of us will need some degree or perhaps complete help.  It is a tough pill to swallow.

There you go, Friends, my confession about my sin of pride.  Unfortunately, it spills over into my relationship with The Father.  I stubbornly try to take care of myself on most fronts and only go to Him for help in the really BIG areas.  I sinfully refuse to acknowledge my daily dependence and need for Him.  My pride keeps me from bowing in submission to The One who has me on this path.  My pride keeps me from admitting my total dependence and need of My Provider.  My pride keeps a dam between Who He is and how great my need is for Him.  I NEED HELP, LORD!  Everyday--every minute of everyday I cannot do this without You.  I need your help!  Forgive my stubborn pride and help me to tear down the barrier it creates between us.  Help me, Lord!

"Humble yourselves before the Lord,

and He will exalt you."

James 4:10

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  1. Pride gets in the way, every single time, Lulu. No, we can't go this life alone, even when we imagine we can. We all need help, and need to humble ourselves and ask for it. So glad your neighbor got you out of that jam!

  2. Amen, My Friend! Hope your day is filled with peace and joy.


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