This word was sent by a great friend I met at church and later deepened that friendship while playing at the She Shed.  When you begin to search for information on perspective, you will be overwhelmed with art world posts.  Perspective is a BIG deal in the art world--understandably.  Who wants to see a painting with the tree smaller than the flowers surrounding it?  I am certain that is NOT what they had in mind.  SO, I chose definition number two ~

a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

I must admit I was thinking of heading in a completely different direction until I had the 4:00 AM wake up call with a totally different "Perspective".  Let me assure you, I am not conscious normally at that time of the day, so I am thinking the HS was trying to get my attention.

This particular friend would tell you (and has told me) that their perspective on life is ~

(I am not certain Michael Fox deserves the credit
for this, but that is irrelevant.)

They have had and still have challenges in their life, as most of us have. They also are a firm believer in the perspective of choosing happiness everyday.   Yes, all of us would prefer to be around someone who is smiling rather than someone who is in the mire of depression.  Here is my question-



How can our perspective be an attitude of happiness when we are surrounded by people who are in deep trials and sometimes overwhelming anguish.  I suspect you are like me, my prayer list is so long I have to keep it written down or I will forget.  People are sick, people are suffering repression and brutal hostility,  people have lost loved ones,  people are fearful for their tomorrow,  people are food deprived,  people are bullied,  people are down right flat broke,  and on and on and on.  We live in a fallen world and it is overwhelming all the needs we are surrounded by.  How can we  dare to be happy when so many are suffering so greatly?

The message received in the early pre-dawn hours was clear--we are not overlooking those who are suffering by choosing to be joyful (I prefer joy to happy).  We are called to minister to and pray for those in our path who are downtrodden.  When we KNOW we are doing what God has called us to do, we can then have the perspective of being  joyful, even in the midst of a hurting world.  When we have acted with compassion toward those God places in our paths, we are able to pause and remember with an attitude of thanksgiving all we have been blessed by.  Our joy (happiness) comes not from the suffering world, but from the Faithfulness of Our Father.  THAT is the basis for our perspective of joy in our fallen world.  We are clinging to the hope and assurance of a better tomorrow.  Our perspective is the joy in knowing we serve a Risen Savior.  Our perspective is the enduring presence of an Eternal God Who is Faithful to His Children.  Our perspective is each new day is filled with hope.

"As we look not to the things that are seen

 but to the things that are unseen. 

For the things that are seen are transient,

 but the things that are unseen are eternal."

II Corinthians 4:18

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  1. I prefer the word joy over happiness, too. And you have explained so well here, Lulu, how our joy in the Lord can be manifest even when so many around us are suffering. We must pray for them, and serve others as best we can.

  2. What a world we live in, Martha! Thankful for a God who sees!
    Blessings, My Friend!

  3. Perspective can help us focus. What is near at hand ... the wasp about to sting you ... or what is far away ... the storm gathering in the distance. Near at hand ... far away. I could never work out whether Napoleon was small or far away!

    Perspective can help us focus. What is important ... and what is not.

    When we meet someone in need. What is important is to help them. Sometimes we can do so physically, by being there for them, helping day by day. Sometimes we can help them through prayer. The perspective is the same. Both are important and smiled on by God.

    God bless.

  4. Exactly, Victor. Thank you for your perspective.


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