Today we are veering a little.  We have words

The sender only sent in the first two, but of course they come as triplets.  We almost always use them simultaneously.  I met the sender while volunteering in the school system (How I miss those sweet children).  Teachers have a special place in my heart---it is NOT an easy job!  You HAVE to love those children to step across that threshold every day.

When I first looked at these words, I immediately went to this ~

What else could this trio of words imply as this download states ~

I am really put off by all the negative vibes that permeate this statement.  I discovered this phrase comes from "Hamlet".  Sadly this is the part of high school I slept through and my college British literature professor was obsessed with poetry and pretty girls on the front row who wore yellow dresses.  We will not go down that rabbit hole!  

Why we all know the root of these words ~

If we all spent our time doing what we should instead of thinking up excuses why we can't (won't),  what a productive world we would live in.  At times I find myself looking for excuses when a simple yes or no would suffice.

SO---I am headed in a totally different direction.  My thought---if you have to think of excuses then you know what needs to be done.  Most of the battle is being aware of those things we need to do.  I would be so much more concerned, if you were totally oblivious to all the great needs around us.  SO---if you are aware--you are headed in the right direction.  

The next step is to 

take a chance and make a change.  You will more than likely be pleasantly surprised how painless doing the next right thing can be.  The first step is the most difficult.  After taking that plunge, you will discover the 

which comes with service.  

Why walk down the road of regret which is paved with the bricks of  Could've ~ Should've ~ Would've .  Why not head down the path of service and discover

I wish you all joy as you leave the path of excuses and head down the path of service.

"God has given each of you a gift

from His variety of spiritual gifts.

Use them well to serve one another."

I Peter 4:10


  1. Let's not entertain regrets, but get on down that road of doing what needs to be done. And I must agree, Lulu, that joy is truly found in serving others, just as Jesus wants us to do.

  2. Get on down the road---like that Martha!


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