One of God's greatest gifts to me has been fellow Believers who are willing to enter into deep discussions about things of great and eternal importance.

Recently I sat on the porch with a dear friend and we began the process of mulling over stripping it all away and why that might be necessary.  

When I helped muck out houses after they were flooded in South Louisiana, I was introduced to the concept of taking it all back to the studs.  

 After the water and mud have stood in a house, it becomes necessary to take everything out--all the way back to the original studs.  When you walk in a house which has stood for decades and can see from one end to the other with no barriers, it is sobering to say the least.  There is also no choice in the matter since in the deep south mold will begin to grow immediately in the heat and humidity.  

Before the process of rebuilding can begin, the old has to be torn away.  It takes real vision to walk into that shell and see the beauty of what will come.  The tearing away of the old is a dirty and hard job, but completely necessary before beginning to rebuild.

As we sat on that front porch, we began to speak of all that God might tear away from our lives to reveal who He is.  Read Job--it can be all taken away.  We can be left with only our shell.  BUT GOD---has the vision to see the beauty of what can come from the ashes.  He knows what we have to gain when all can be stripped back to the beginning.  Perhaps He knows, then and only then will we be able to understand

The pure beauty of realizing all things of this world will never satisfy us.  Power, money, beauty, family, health, intelligence  - all things of this world will never be enough.  Only God can fill the beautiful God shaped vacuum in our soul.  Am I willing to tell Him---take it all, God.  Strip it all away---show me --

                                                      YOU ARE ENOUGH

IF that does not cause you to stop and pause---I do not know what will.  What are you willing to sacrifice to know God in a deeper and more meaningful way?

"My grace is all you need.

My power works best in weakness.

II Corinthians 12:9


  1. Once again, a tremendously thought-provoking post, Lulu. I'm asking myself now, what do I need/want God to strip away that I might be better built in His image. Thank you for making me rethink my faith and trust.

    1. My friend I talked this over with is battling a chronic illness. That will make you stop in your tracks and think about important issues.
      Blessings, My Friend!


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