FINALLY after two thirds of the year is gone, I reached the Gospels in my chronological read through The Word.  We are told every jot and tittle is a meaningful direction left to guide us.  I must confess the Old Testament can at times be wearying.  It is too much of a great reminder of the circles we make leaving God and coming back to Him.  OH what a fickle bunch we can be!

Today's reading was about the death of John the Baptist.  Matthew and Mark recount not only the death, but the details of the death of John and what happened to his body.  A GRUESOME tale for sure!  WHO would plot to have someone not only beheaded, but the head presented to the one who requested it?  WHO would ask not for riches, not for fame, not for power, but a head on a platter?  WHO would then take the head on the platter and present it to the schemer of this gory tale?  WHAT in the world would cause anyone to go to these lengths to have a man beheaded?

The guilty party---the one embarrassed by the truth being told---a woman caught in her sin and then exposed.  She asked for the head--she involved her daughter--she came up with the plan to entrap the King in the whole mess--she was out for revenge and thought she had found it.

WELL NOW---the accuser was dead---tradition has it his head was buried in a dung heap by the King responsible for the deed---and the body was buried.  Did this satisfy the guilty party?  Was the plan for revenge enough to take away the sting of exposure?  When that body was buried was the whole thing finally put to rest?  Does revenge erase the pangs of guilt?  

Today, for once, I am going to leave this with you---right here.  I will let you come to your own conclusions.  Is revenge ever satisfactory?  Does a head on a platter make our guilt disappear?  

"See that no one repays evil for evil,

but always seek to good to one another

and to everyone."

I Thessalonians 5:15


  1. Revenge isn't ours to use, ever. That venue belongs to the Lord exclusively. And Herod's wife's revenge did not wash away the sin, but only exposed it more deeply.
    Blessings, Lulu!

  2. We cannot avoid truth, Martha!


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