It seems I have a bad sensor---the yard and flower beds are flooded!  For various reasons (I do occasionally take a shower), I walked out with the dog an hour later than usual.  I noticed the sprinkler system was still on, but there is no stopping the progress of The Wonder Dog's morning walk.  After all it has been a long time since the last walk of the evening the day before.  (As if you might care about the mundane part of my life)   We finally walk back to the hacienda to find the sprinkler still shooting water.  I am NO Complete Dummy.  I do know how to turn off the sprinkler system. Control Box- System Off---WAIT--there is NO response.  Water is still making puddles.  OKAY--keep calm and call "The Sprinkler Guy".  I know there is a cut off valve, but when he explained that nugget of information, I glazed over and have also slept quite a few times since that lecture.  Calling The Guy, I try to keep the panic sound out of my voice.  He gives me three options--the first two he warned would be difficult, but the third was a valve down in the ground that would be easy to turn. (First thought--don't snakes live down in holes like this?)   I put on my hip boots and head for the valves only to discover the water is also going on that side of the house  with the cut off valve  and the hole (you know the easy valve hole) is filled with water to the brim. (That should teach any snake to stay out of my valve holes)   WONDERFUL!  SO-I go get my pipe wrench (yes, I do know what a pipe wrench is--experience is a great teacher) and come back around to try and manhandle (or Strongwoman Handle) the difficult and stiff valves.  After chewing all the rubber coated handles of both of the valves, I finally get the water turned off.  Sadly, the pipe wrench is now stuck between the pipes and the brick on the house.  Hopefully The Guy will be able to get it unstuck.  SO--the water is off---FINALLY!  The entire problem was caused by one small sensor going bad.  What if I had been in TX when this happened?  I could have come home to my own beautiful lake side property.  YES--I know this is a first world problem.  It has reminded me of the overflow valve I recently blogged about last week.  It also has caused me to think about faulty sensors.

God has given us all sensors and tools.  The question which comes to mind is are we allowing our sensors to nudge us when something needs tending.  He has also given us the tools (that would be gifts) to facilitate our act of repairing that which is broken.  Follow me here---We live in a broken world---our sensors flash this warning light each time we come across the evidence of this brokenness.  God has also given us gifts to address this brokenness.  The question becomes--are your sensors working and do you know what tools are available for you to use?  Are you available to repair the brokenness God has shown you?  Food for thought, Friends, food for thought.

"God has given each of you a gift from His great variety of spiritual gifts.

Use them well to serve one another.

I Peter 4:10


  1. Oh, my, Lulu, what a predicament! I'm so glad you managed to get that water turned off, my friend. Yes, we need to make sure our sensors are up and running so we can recognize when God is nudging us is the direction He wants us to go. May mine never fail!

  2. The up side of this predicament is the feeling of accomplishment I get when I do manage to succeed!
    Blessings, My Friend!

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