I have distinct memories of two wild dog packs in my life.  In case you have never encountered a wild pack, they can be a scary mob.  The first pack was as a child.  I could not leave the house without fear of being chased by one of the pack.  There were several dogs and it was long ago--before the animal lovers started rescuing strays.  I suspect this was a conglomeration of litters who had banded together, in the way of the ages, to form a pack for mutual survival.  I remember not being able to venture far from the house for they were vicious.  One day they disappeared.  Did they move on as quietly as they moved in or were they removed by the local authorities?  I will never know.

As an adult with a family, we lived "in the country".  My children were terrorized by a pack of dogs that I suspect were once domesticated, but having been dumped or strayed had formed a pack, again, as a natural instinct.  Our local constable had to take care of this dangerous pack.  Please do not judge until you have had a pack of dogs go after your child.  

Both of these packs had one thing in common, there was a leader.  My brother and I were recently talking over how a mob often resembles a pack.  A group, with a definite hierarchy, someone is usually calling the shots and egging on the others.  Think of most groups you have associated with---there is usually an alpha or maybe a group of leaders.  Someone is giving orders.  There is a problem when the alpha is also a bully.  Bullies like to come up with the ideas and have others do their dirty work. 

When the pack forms, those in lesser rolls, become the pawns of the leaders. They are the worker bees.   In order to stay in the group, you are required to adhere to the directives of the leader or risk banishment.  The pull of being a part of the group is so strong it often causes one to follow the leader at all cost.  Even when we know it is the wrong path.  Not many are willing to risk being the lone wolf--the individual out on their own.  It can be scary and intimidating to realize you have no back up--no fall back.  It takes a strong personality to stand alone.

 It is human nature to gravitate toward and congregate in groups.  I have no problem with anyone being part of a group-- groups come in all sizes and shapes--usually with a mutual identifier.  The problem comes when the group is more important than what is right or wrong.  The problem comes when one stops thinking for themselves and accepting what the alpha (s) is telling them as truth.  When acceptance becomes more important than sticking to what is true and right, you are headed for trouble.

SO--we can't all be lone wolves.  I really think we are created to be in community and only a few are destined to live a solitary life.  There will only be a few "chosen" alphas and the struggle will be daring to question and even ignore the alpha when we know they are leading us down the crooked path.  It takes a strong person to stand up for what they know is right when the leader is wrong.  Be that person---without fanfare--without fuss---be the one who had rather be the lone wolf than follow the leader who has you headed toward calamity.  It is better to be alone--than to be wrong.

"A wicked ruler is as dangerous to the poor

as a roaring lion or an attacking bear."

Proverbs 28:15


  1. Powerful, powerful words, Lulu! Let us be people, not sheeple. We must stand up against what the world calls good when we know it is evil, even if it leaves us isolated from the "fold." Let us be God's warriors!

  2. Love that term, Martha---"sheeple". Perfect description!


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