Do you ever stop to consider that all great fads began with one?  I recently wrote about the new fad of tucking one side of your shirt tail into the front of your pants.

The fashionistas in my life are wearing their shirts like this.  (They have not had any babies who cause the tummy to bulge for the remainder of your life)  If you stop to think   ONE   person started this fad.  One person who is considered a fashion icon decided one day to tuck their shirt in and walked out the door.  A fad was off and running with this one simple action when those who are influenced by fashion saw this icon with this new fashion.

On a recent road trip with this fellow ~

(I'll teach him the consequences of selfies on Lulu's phone)

we spotted a bunch of cows in a line headed to the feed trough.  I told him it was a cow parade---he believed me.

One cow started this parade by turning and beginning to walk toward the trough.  All the others followed suit.

Most things begin with one.  One has the idea and begins the action and the others followed.  A mob begins with one----

I never see a picture such as this that I do not think of Hitler.  Powerful people saw the influence this one little man carried and used it to stir a nation to war.  I find it truly amazing the influence one can have on a crowd.

As I was reading my daily Bible reading today, I found this reminder of the power of one ~

"Yes, Adam's one sin brings condemnation for everyone,
but Christ's one act of righteousness
brings a right relationship
with God 
and new life for everyone."
Romans 5:18

Amazing the power one can have.  We all have this same power over some--perhaps not all, but some.  How and for whom are you using your influence?  I love it when God nudges me while reading His Word.


  1. Yes, the power of one can be startlingly effective, Lulu. Let's choose to be influencers for the Lord! Love that photo of your grandson - what a ham!

  2. He is a MESS, Martha! We talked last night in Small Group about the influence we have over others. It is a huge responsibility. Praying we influence wisely!
    Blessings, My Friend!


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