The next round of my annual check up began this week with a visit to the dermatologist.  My past sins are catching up with me.  For all you young people (I do not think they read blogs), please heed my warning--too much sun has dire consequences.  Beyond the age spots and barnacles, I also had a pre-cancerous spot burned off.  NOW when they say the word "burned", that is actually what they do, except it is more like a freezer burn.  I had this spot on my nose that kept popping up...Bless that sweet PA's heart...she tried to dress this up with, "Mrs Lora, your skin really looks good...considering (my word not her's).  Considering how many years I have revolved around the sun and how much sun exposure I have enjoyed.  I MIGHT even be guilty of getting out in the sun--even today---without sunscreen.  I just do NOT THINK--the sun is shining, it is a nice day, I am lured outside without a thought to the consequences of no sun screen.  SO yesterday, I had that suspicious spot burned off.  My nose will glow and look yucky for about 6 weeks.   PLEASE NO RUDOLPH JOKES IF YOU SEE ME!

WELL, the bell doth toll for the one who has been out in the sun FAR more than I should have.  NOT to mention the numerous sun burns I have allowed over my entire life.  I had to pay the cost---with a burning away of the offending cells.  NOT FUN!  The brutal truth is who knows how long ago my exposure to the sun (sin), started this process.  One thing is for certain, when we sin there are always consequences.  We are not doomed to eternal damnation when we sin because of our sacrificing savior, though we do not get to avoid the consequences of our sin.  It can be painful--my nose is sore!

To quote one of my favorite musicians, "You Gotta Think!"  Think before you act upon some impulse, consider the cost, and remember the bell will toll!

"So we are lying if we say we have fellowship with God

but go on living in spiritual darkness;

we are not practicing the truth."

I John 1:6


  1. I've had to be careful almost all of my adult life not to get too much sun exposure, Lulu. I have a condition called discoid lupus - I'm actually "allergic" to the sun, in a way. I can't allow my skin to get burned, though gradual tanning is okay. Still, I am careful!
    Blessings, and hope your nose feels better soon!

  2. Bless you, Martha. I do LOVE being outside in the sun--so I feel your pain!
    Blessings, My Friend!


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