Once again the writers of my daily Bible reading are inspiring me and causing me to think.  At this stage of the game, I need all the help I can get to keep those creative juices flowing.  How many times have we commented or heard commented, "I am so blessed." ?  Of course, all the blessings of life come from one true source.  The Headwater of Blessings -The Eternal Flowing Spring of every blessing.  Why, we are so blessed, we might begin to think we have done something to deserve God's favor.  How smug and complacent we can quickly become when we are on the receiving end of a never ending flow of blessings.  We expect everyday to be a replay of God lavishing His best upon us.  After all, we have been obedient, we have checked off the requirements, at a minimum, we have not flagrantly committed a felony.  I must be doing a pretty good job--for God has blessed me so abundantly.

Here we stand with our hands held up--waiting for God to bless us.  I was reminded while reading yesterday exactly what God's blessings are for ~

"If you have been blessed by God, it is not for your own selfish indulgence or self-congratulations; it is in order that you can be a blessing to others. You are called to live under God's blessing and bring blessing to those around you."

That should cause all of us to pause and reflect.  We are blessed--oh how we are blessed--but do we begin to feel deserving--do we forget the true purpose of all we have been blessed with?

Are we keeping our eye upon God's plan for our lives and the blessings He has lavished upon us?  Or are we greedily holding on, hording the talents given, consumed with the good life we seem to think we deserve.  OH MY!  I have stepped on my on toes once again.  Thankful for a God who is consistently teaching me--the true blessing of life---


  1. Good morning, friend, and thank you for the needed reminder that any blessings we have received are meant to be shared and passed on to those around us. May we be generous and kindhearted as we do so!

    Happy weekend.

    1. Good Morning, My Wise Friend,
      We all have to be reminded, including me---MOSTLY ME!
      Blessings to you, Linda!


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