Anytime I have a subject come up two times in quick succession, I take it as a nudging from the HS this needs addressing.

 We all have heard the phrase junk in-junk out.  All those years of trying to be an athlete taught me one sure lesson~ I would never be any better than what I ate.  I am a confessed junk food junkie.  Thankfully in my old age, it does not have the appeal it once had, but an occasionally well fried potato can bring a smile to my face.  All those years of running and training would never get me to my best shape, if I did not eat right.  Truthfully, I have had a lifetime of only spurts of eating right.  I do not think about food a lot, (that's a blog for another day) and only eat when I think it is meal time.  I can remember what I had for breakfast and lunch yesterday, not because I have a great memory, but because I eat the same thing almost everyday.  This is not the subject of the blog, sorry.  The point is if I did not eat nutritionally sound, I would never be as good as I possibly wanted.  Putting the right things into my body was necessary to obtain the highest level of performance.

This week my small group study has a session on being careful what we look at, listen to, read, etc.  It is cautioning us to not allow Satan access to us by being seduced by things of the world.  Satan gets through to us by seducing and corrupting our minds.  We are (or become) what we allow to infiltrate our minds.  One of the ladies I work with can burn my ears at time with her speech.  I stop and caution her, especially when she is around others.  I excuse it as being a lifelong habit, probably generational that she does not even think about.   The truth of the matter, even when I am alone with her, I need to ask her to refrain from this habit of profanity and vulgarity.  If I hear it enough, I will become numbed and desensitized and look past it.  In an effort to try and help her change, I have compromised what I know is not God pleasing.  WRONG!

Today's devotional also spoke on this very subject (that would be number two).  The writer speaks of "storing up God's words within you."  His warning, "Be careful what you look at, read and think about.  Fill your heart with good things and you will think good thoughts, speak good words and bear good fruit."  That should pretty much end the blog, but I will leave you with one example.  Last night I watched a movie that was truly a redemption story.  The basic concept of the movie was really good, the story line was really good, the vulgarity was atrocious.  Instead of turning the movie off, I convinced myself the story line was so good, I would ignore the language.  WRONG!  I am allowing myself to become desensitized to how offensive this is--how unwholesome--how NOT God honoring. WRONG!

I leave you with this thought, junk in--junk out.   Be careful.  "Fill your heart with good things and you will think good thoughts, speak good words, and bear good fruit."

"Either make the tree good

and its fruit good,

or make the tree bad

and its fruit bad,

for the tree is known by its fruit."

Matthew 12:33


  1. I'm totally with you in staying away from the negative and offensive influences of poor language choices when there are so many more desirable and healthy ways to describe life's goodness, Lulu. I always feel like I need a spiritual shower when I hear torrents of bad language. Let us fill ourselves with good things, and leave the junk in the dust.

  2. Amen, My Friend! How thankful I am for your comments being once again present. I MISSED YOU!
    Blessings, My Friend!


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