It is obvious I love dogs and cats (I am allergic, but still like them).  Please think about what I am about to say before shooting the messenger.  Everyday I see posts on social media about some poor dog who is lost, some abandoned puppy, or an emaciated stray who is wandering the streets producing puppies at an alarming rate.  There is a huge army of concerned animal lovers who are out there trying to affect change in this culture.  They are constantly raising money, transporting dogs, caring for these cast aways.  Once the government was charged with taking care of this problem, but the citizens were not happy with their methods.  They formed their own organizations and began saving these poor animals.  Still it is overwhelming when you see the number of kennels that are overflowing and the great need there is in solving this problem.  Neighbors report neighbors for abuse of animals.  I have a friend who regularly checks the dumpsters and picks up strays.  Put a picture of a neglected dog on the WWW and you get an immediate response.  It is heart warming to see the compassion so many can have for our furry friends.  Yes, the problem is overwhelming, but that does not deter the animal lovers from continuing to try and help. 

I am also overwhelmed.  I am overwhelmed with the effects of poverty on our fellow man.  We have people living in sub standard housing, people who cannot pay their utility bills, people who are abused, people who are hopeless for a better tomorrow.  It is overwhelming the needs in our midst.  There certainly are groups and people out there trying to help.  I took a poll among those I volunteer with and we all feel overwhelmed.  Being overwhelmed does not give us the get out of jail free card to ignore the problem.  We are given a direct command to LOVE OUR NEIGHBOR.  Loving our neighbor means seeing them and helping where we can.  I heard a sermon recently about God having us where He wants us.  I came away remembering this implies He will use us where we are.  Open your eyes to the community you live in, see those who are struggling, and offer a helping hand.  We are quick to post pictures of those who are ill or in need of prayer for physical reasons.  We tend to look past those who are abused, hungry, cold, desperate.  Perhaps we feel helpless, perhaps we do not know how to proceed, perhaps we are overwhelmed.  There is such a fine line between helping while maintaining the dignity of those we are helping.  There are ways to help, there are things we can do and I am not suggesting you pick up the strays on the street corner (unless God nudges you).  I am asking for you to look beyond the overwhelming essence of loving our neighbor and caring for them and put a toe in the water to begin a journey of loving all those God loves.  Find a place to start and then see how God works.  HE is an amazing God and wants nothing more than to use you.  What a blessing!

"Whoever is kind to the poor

lends to the Lord,

and He will reward them

for what they have done."

Proverbs 19:17


  1. Seeing the ever-expanding homeless tent camps in our major cities is so overwhelming to me, Lulu. It's like everyone in government is looking the other way, and the problem is such a major one, where does one begin? Unfortunately, I'm in no shape to physically get out and help others at this time, but I can pray. Thanks for making us all more aware of how we need to love one another.

  2. God will nudge you once it is time. It is heartbreaking!

  3. featuring your wisdom on this week's Porch -


    1. That made my day, Linda. A day when I was struggling, God used you. Thank you for your encouragement.


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