All of you football fans know exactly what I speaking of when I tell you to "Take a Knee"

It was a single play used to stop play.   What ever you do-do not become distracted and drop the ball.

In today's culture dropping to your knee has so much more meaning.

 It all started with the infamous Colin Kaepernick.  He dropped to a knee during the "National Anthem" as a sign of protest of racial inequality and police brutality.  We are not here to debate this practice.  I do wonder if he realized the tradition he began across cultural and national lines?  It is now common to see it in a variety of sports as a solidarity stand.

You see it during protests as a way to draw attention while signifying a non-violent approach.  When we drop to a knee we are indicating our agreement to abstain from attack.  The young woman above is on one knee, but she is holding her sign high to indicate her protest.

I myself will always remember a Beth Moore conference when she went down on both knees before thousands to pray.  Powerful.  Google had this to say~

"Kneeling may not be necessary to reverent adoration,

 but it does promote a proper attitude. God is holy and we are not. "

Kneeling is an act of submission and recognition of our status before a Holy God.  Is it required?  NO!  Interestingly, Google also says if it causes you to feel the presence of God, use it.  If not, sit or stand, but kneeling is not required.  

Here is a little tidbit I found,  kneeling was begun in the Christian church in the 7th century.  Although many times in The Bible we read of God's people kneeling, it did not become a "requirement" until that point.  In most Protestant churches it is never required.  I grew up only kneeling during Communion or prayer time at Sunday night services.  

My take away--if it brings you closer to God--by all means take a knee.  If your head bowed does the same thing, bow your head.  If you need to stand on your head to feel the close presence of God ~ DO IT!  Whatever it takes to keep your mind off the world and on our Holy God in this busy world is worth doing.  Take a knee--take two knees-fall prostrate on your face.  Take whatever measures necessary to draw near to God and recognize His presence.  "It is when you voluntarily bow the knee to Jesus now, and hold him as supreme King in your life, that you are less concerned about the outcomes of various power plays with other human beings that exist in your life (teacher, boss, government, etc.).  In my thoughts, I cannot imagine being in the presence and not falling to my knees or perhaps on my face.  HE IS HOLY!

"As I live, says the Lord,

Every knee shall bow to me,

and every tongue shall give praise to God."

Romans 14:11


  1. You were right on track with this one, Loralu.

    1. Praying I always have a humble heart when it comes to the Glory of God.


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