I have become an Amazon Associate with the express intent of donating any money I receive to organizations which serve the poor.  It occurred to me I was linking you to books that you might buy.  Why not take a portion (a very small portion I might add) of Amazon's profits to benefit those who are struggling?  Amazon will never miss it, and someone in need might be helped.  

To expand this and take the pressure off me of trying to stay ahead on my reading, I will also sometimes post things I have bought from Amazon that I love.  I try and post only those books which are really good reads.  Many of the books I read are mediocre and I would never recommend them.  SO it keeps me on my toes with my face in a book trying to stay ahead of the post.  This will be a two-fold winner---I recommend only great books and ONLY the items I love and use regularly will be posted.  

Todays' item of things Lulu loves was discovered when searching for the perfect milk frother after discovering my new found love for lattes.  (Thanks to my daughter in law)  I use this every morning and it can not only warm my milk but get a head of milk foam which would make Starbucks drool.

Here is their description~

Milk Frother, Electric Milk Frother and Steamer, OTWEN Automatic Hot Cold Milk Foamer, 4 Modes Stainless Steel Quiet High Capacity Milk Warmer for Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Hot Chocolates

You can find it HERE

As an Amazon Associate, I may receive a financial benefit when you make a purchase using the links on this site {at no extra cost to you!}  Thanks for supporting my work.  All income is donated to a non-profit which targets those in poverty.


  1. I don't recommend that much on my blog, so think I'll skip becoming an Amazon associate, Lulu. However, I love that you are doing this and that the proceeds are helping out a good cause.
    Happy Saturday!

  2. I am appreciating your philosophy on being an associate, friend. This is good stuff!

  3. It may be only small amounts, but we both know even a small amount can help!


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