In 2016 I took the trip of a lifetime when I spent 3 weeks traveling across five countries in Europe.  Perhaps the highlight of the trip was seeing the Alps.  After a hike, we sat at a mountain side cafe on the patio across from this view.  The air is brisk and clean high up in the Alps.  The sky is a blue you only see in the high elevations and the sun is brilliantly bright.  The green of the flora leading the path to the mountain is a rich verdant pulling your eyes toward the far away mountains .  The white of the snow, as you soak in the mountain view, is blinding.  A scene you could never capture by photo or paint.  A majestic wonder!

As we sat waiting for our food to be served, this was the view directly in front of us.  Miles away--nothing like this close up, but imposing is so inadequate a description.  Majestic ~ Awe Inspiring ~ I only had eyes for the view in front of me.  I could not pull my eyes away from it and had no words suitable to express my feelings and overflowing emotions.  Photos could never do it justice.  Breath taking and overwhelming, I could not tear myself away from that majestic view.

So it will be one day, when we see God and Jesus.  As beautiful as this mountain and the surrounding Alps, they are but a glimpse of the glory we will behold when we are in Their presence.  The Word gives us a glimpse of that view in a few places.  Today's daily reading was on the Mount of Transfiguration.  OH, the glory we will behold when we gaze upon the face of Jesus!

"And He was transfigured before them,

and His face shone like the sun,

and His clothes became white as light."

Matthew 17:2


  1. Not even in our wildest dreams can we imagine the glories of heaven . . .
    Even for a photo, though, the one you've shared here, Lulu, truly took my breath away. What majesty and magnificence!

    1. I could not take my eyes away and it was magnificent!


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