Do we not all love band aids?  From my earliest memories, there was just something about that elastic adhesive covering my wounds.  Remember I was a Tom Boy & the wounds were numerous.  I am certain my knees stayed raw until my teenage years from all the bicycle wrecks.  Momma could not keep enough band aids to cover the wounds of her 3 children.

Now they make those war wound covers with characters on them.  My grands all loved the characters when they were small.  It seems to take a little away from the pride of having a covered wound when it has Barbie or Woody on it.  I digress. 

Do you remember the story of my oldest FW grand selling band aids on the playground?  He might have told his friends some story about the nurse's band aids not being sterile enough or her being stingy with issuing these bandages.  Some teacher caught on to his money making scheme and shut him down.  We are willing to pay good money to cover our wounds.

The thing about band aids is they cover the wound and you can not see that wound under the white part of the bandage.  If you do not wait long enough to pull that bandage off, the wound will not be healed.  I have been known to pull off a scab with a premature removal and have to go back to square one in healing.  Those band aids also lose their stickiness once you have pulled them off.  They never stick quite the same way again.  How many times have I discovered while getting ready for bed that the band aid I reapplied was lost during the day.  The stickiness lost its  effectiveness with the premature removal.

Sometimes we have emotional wounds we have covered over with God's love.  If we leave His bandage on until the wound is healed, we are given a reprieve from some of the pain associated with our wound.  If we prematurely rip His bandage off by revisiting some aspect of the cause of the pain, we are only prolonging healing.  We then open ourselves up to losing the bandage entirely and having to endure the really slow process of healing from within.  With God's help, our healing is always endured with grace.  When we decide we need to look at the wound and reexamine it, we are prolonging the pain.  We have feet of clay--and can be our own worst enemy.  Leave the bandage on and give yourself  time to heal is always the best answer.

"Lord my God,

I called to you for help,

and you healed me."

Psalm 30:2 


  1. I do love this analogy today, Lulu! And what an enterprising grand to sell "good" band aids on the playground. This reminded me, too, that my two littlest grands always ask for a band aid when they are "hurt" even if they aren't bleeding. When God gives us His band aid, let's be sure to leave it on as long as is necessary.

  2. We are all fascinated with a good band aid, Martha!

  3. Amen, Loralu. We do well to keep the Band-aid of God's love on our wounds. Philippians 4:8 offers some ways to happily occupy our minds and distract ourselves! Saves a lot of unnecessary heartache and discouragement.

    1. Thank you for that Word of encouragement!


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